Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1789 - Hit his head

Chapter 1789: Hit his head

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"Freaking shut your mouth!" Ling Shaozhe harshly rebuked Big Dipper.

How did these two things burrow in here? They were actually clinging onto the window to provoke Fu Mingxi to hit Shao Heng?!

"Old Seven, this sonny is insulting you."

Big Dipper looked at Seven Star.

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper. "He's insulting you."

Big Dipper became furious immediately and pointed at Ling Shaozhe through the window. "You b*stard, come out here! If I don't beat the sh*t out of you today, I won't be your grandfather!"

Before Ling Shaozhe could respond, Big Dipper turned to Gong Xu. "Bro, help me beat him up!"

"Eh…" Gong Xu was taken back.He wants me to beat Ling Shaozhe up…?

Although he did want to, it didn't seem too… appropriate in this kind of setting?

"Gong Xu, my bro, help me punch him… Look at your cowardice, and I was even praising you just now! Don't say you know me from now on; I can't humiliate myself like that," Big Dipper announced with disappointment when he saw Gong Xu rooted to his spot, unmoving.

"Bro Big, don't…! I'll help you punch him!"

Gong Xu became spirited instantly and mercilessly clobbered Ling Shaozhe's face with his fist. "B*stard! How dare you insult my Bro Big! I'm gonna kill you!"

Although Gong Xu and Ling Shaozhe were both rubbish fighters in Big Dipper's eyes, Gong Xu was slightly stronger than Ling Shaozhe in every aspect.

Gong Xu trained nearly every week, so it didn't take much effort for him to beat Ling Shaozhe up.

"That's right, Gong Xu, my bro, punch him! Kick his head… Ah, your ligaments aren't so hot! Jump up to kick his head!"

Big Dipper shouted loudly as he intently watched Gong Xu.

"Bro Big… I'm not as awesome as you… I can't jump up, so I can only use my fist to punch his head…"

Gong Xu's words were quickly accompanied b a punch to Ling Shaozhe's head.

Shao Heng's birthday party had turned into complete mayhem.

Several artists who had a good relationship with Shao Heng all came forward to help Shao Heng, but how could they be a match for Fu Mingxi? A punch each and they were sent sprawling to the floor.

Fu Mingxi's strength might not hold a candle to Big Dipper and the others, but he was Second Elder's grandson, so how could normal people defeat Fu Mingxi?

Sweat soaked Fu Mingxi's manager's forehead. It was all over… Fu Mingxi's public persona was utterly wrecked! However, thankfully he discovered Fu Mingxi was the grandson of Stars Corporation's big boss sometime earlier. Otherwise, he might also be standing on Shao Heng's side by now…

Fu Mingxi was extremely headstrong and wanted to start as the most minor artist trainee after coming to Stars Entertainment, so he never revealed his identity to anyone or mentioned anything to his manager. But thankfully, Fu Mingxi's manager was clever and discovered Fu Mingxi's true identity, so the team he chose would win for sure!

"Fu Mingxi, you motherf*cker… You f*cking dared to hit me… You're over! I'm going to make Stars Entertainment boycott you! I want you dead!" Shao Heng said to Fu Mingxi maliciously, sporting a face beaten black and blue.

After such chaos erupted, the livestream was long turned off, and everyone retreated, afraid to bring disaster upon themselves. They couldn't afford to offend either Shao Heng or Fu Mingxi.

Han Xianyu, Luo Chen, and the others all wore strange expressions. Fu Mingxi actually assaulted Shao Heng on Brother Ye's behalf…

Of course, the main reason Fu Mingxi assaulted Shao Heng was probably because of Big Dipper, not Brother Ye.

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