Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1788 - Bro, you’re incapable

Chapter 1788: Bro, you’re incapable

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Fu Mingxi took a deep breath and squashed his impulse to ruthlessly beat Shao Heng up.

Shao Heng looked at Fu Mingxi and Ye Wanwan and snorted. This was his home field, and everyone had to act according to his wishes—Fu Mingxi was no exception!

Suddenly, a round of knocking was heard from a nearby window.

Big Dipper and Seven Star were leaning against the window from the outside, and Big Dipper was looking at Fu Mingxi scornfully. “Say, bro, you’re quite incapable. Look at how cowardly you are, yet you want to follow Sis—Brother Ye? Hurry and go home to have your grandpa put you to sleep already!”

Fu Mingxi’s temper shot up instantly, and he glared at Big Dipper. “What did you say? I’m scared?”

“That’s right! Aren’t you scared?” Big Dipper sneered. “Ah, you coward… If Second Elder knew he had a grandson as cowardly as you, he would probably get so angry he would kick off his coffin’s lid!”

Both Seven Star and Ye Wanwan were taken back. Second Elder kicking off his coffin’s lid?

Seven Star looked at Big Dipper. “Second Elder isn’t dead yet.”

“Your grandfather is the dead one!” Fu Mingxi angrily shouted.

Big Dipper nodded. “That’s right. My grandfather died a long time ago—how did you know?”

“Big Dipper, I think you’re the cowardly b*stard! Stop spouting rubbish!” Fu Mingxi impatiently said.

“Tch! Everyone knows who the cowardly b*stard is! That Shao Heng dude is calling you less than a dog… but you actually aren’t beating him up! If he dared to insult me like that, I’d kick open his head! Look at your cowardice! You’re less than my bro, Gong Xu!”

“I’m less than him?!” Fu Mingxi incredulously pointed at Gong Xu.

“You’re less than Bro Gong Xu! My bro might not be too capable, but at least he acts like a feral dog who ripped off his leash…” Big Dipper replied.

Gong Xu looked at Big Dipper, dumbstruck. “Thank you… bro…”


At being humiliated like this, Fu Mingxi, who had never uttered profanities before, instantly cursed.

“Scram!” Fu Mingxi kicked his manager to the side and broke free. Then in front of everyone, he pulled Shao Heng towards him before Shao Heng could react.

“Fu Mingxi, are you crazy?!” Shao Heng coldly hollered.

“F*ck you!”

Fu Mingxi ruthlessly backhanded Shao Heng’s face to everyone’s shock. “Who said you could call me by my name?!”

After asking that, Fu Mingxi backhanded Shao Heng two more times.

“Ah, Fu Mingxi, bro, you still aren’t too capable. You’re too weak. Isn’t Second Elder feeding you? You’re weaker than Bro Gong Xu!” Big Dipper sighed at Fu Mingxi.

Gong Xu: “…”

Following Big Dipper’s continuous ridicule, Fu Mingxi’s eyes reddened. When had he ever humiliated himself like this? Especially in front of President Bai Feng!!!

Fu Mingxi kicked Shao Heng in the shoulder before pouncing on the other man and sitting on him. Shao Heng desperately put up a life or death struggle and the duo coiled into a ball.

“Security… Help!”

Feng Ying immediately walked up and harshly pushed Fu Mingxi away.

“Bro, you’re still incapable! This woman is climbing all over you, but you aren’t beating her up?” Big Dipper turned to Gong Xu. “Gong Xu, my bro, if it were you, would you hit her?”

Gong Xu reflexively nodded without any thought and blurted, “I would…”

Fu Mingxi immediately turned around and slapped the junior assistant shoving him several meters away.

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