Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1787 - Accept me

Chapter 1787: Accept me

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Ye Wanwan was at a loss for words as she looked at Fu Mingxi. Was this guy acting or really wanted her to be his manager…?

“Brother Ye, how about it? Accept me!” Fu Mingxi suggested cheerfully.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Everyone looked at Fu Mingxi before their gazes landed on Ye Wanwan in disbelief.

Fu Mingxi was considered a top-notch artist in the entertainment industry. Not only did he walk the international route but he was also a genuinely popular artist from Stars Entertainment.

Now though, Fu Mingxi was actually shamelessly bothering Ye Wanwan in front of everyone and demanding her to be his manager… How was this possible?!

Everyone finally understood why Fu Mingxi claimed Shao Heng was poaching someone from him…

Shao Heng darkly turned to Ye Wanwan.

It had to be said that Ye Wanwan’s looks and figure were considered superb and quite rare even in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t strange that she managed to attract someone like Fu Mingxi.

“Heh, Brother Fu, the things you say.” Feng Ying looked at Fu Mingxi. “Brother Fu, you’re Stars Entertainment’s popular Best Actor. How can someone like Ye Wanwan, whose mistakes a pile to be as high as a mountain and who fled after embezzling Age of Immortals’ funds, be your manager?”

Fu Mingxi aloofly glanced at Shao Heng’s assistant. “Who do you think you are? I’m talking to Brother Ye right now; who said you could talk here?”

Then Fu Mingxi turned to Shao Heng. “I’m very disappointed in you, Shao Heng. What kind of setting is this? Why are you allowing your dog to rabidly bite people instead of having it on a leash?”

Shao Heng’s expression further darkened while Feng Ying gritted her teeth. However, this was Fu Mingxi talking, so she didn’t dare to counter him.

The only one here who would dare to insult Shao Heng like this was probably Fu Mingxi.

“Heh.” Shao Heng chuckled. “Brother Fu, there’s no need to harm our brotherhood because of a woman. Am I right?”

“Right you motherf*cker,” Fu Mingxi cursed uncharacteristically.

Fu Mingxi’s manager’s face turned ghastly pale. It was over… it was over now. Fu Mingxi’s public persona was going to collapse!!!

“Fu Mingxi, don’t be ungrateful for the face I’m showing you! I’m giving you face and calling you Brother Fu. But if I don’t give you face, you’re less than a dog to me.” Shao Heng’s eyes frostily glinted as he stared at Fu Mingxi.

Everyone looked at each other. Shao Heng truly wasn’t exaggerating.

Stars Entertainment had three major branches in China, and Shao Heng’s grandfather was the director of one of those three branches.

As for Fu Mingxi, he was Stars Entertainment’s popular artist, but he didn’t seem to have any special background to other people.

The only people in the entire Stars Corporation who knew Fu Mingxi was Stars Corporation’s big boss’ grandson was one of the branch directors of Stars Entertainment and Fu Mingxi’s manager, who found out by surprise without other people knowing…

“You freaking…”

Hearing Shao Heng calling him less than a dog, Fu Mingxi’s eyes shot open in fury and he dashed forward to punch him.

Fu Mingxi’s manager turned pale with fright and instantly went up to stop Fu Mingxi. “Calm down… Don’t go crazy… Your public persona, my brother! Remember your public persona in the hearts of thousands of girls!”

If Fu Mingxi really punched Shao Heng, the consequences would be no joke!

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