Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1786 - Steal from me

Chapter 1786: Steal from me

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For tonight’s birthday party, many people wanted to show off, so they started a livestream.

Hence, the scene just now was broadcast onto the internet, and Fu Mingxi saw everything from a livestream. After that, he didn’t have time to keep entangling himself with Big Dipper anymore and directly charged over with his sword drawn.

Everyone was flabbergasted by Fu Mingxi unleashing his wrath all of a sudden and stood in their spots in a daze.

Fu Mingxi’s manager was also stunned.

What’s going on?

Regardless of the situation, calm down, Mingxi! Your public persona is collapsing!!!

Fu Mingxi always presented a polite, graceful, and gentlemanly public persona to the outside world.

As Fu Mingxi’s manager, he knew Fu Mingxi occasionally had a rather… different side in private. However, he was very dedicated to his work and never displayed it publicly.

He didn’t expect Fu Mingxi to suddenly explode today.

Shao Heng was taken aback and reflexively said, “What’s wrong, Brother Fu? Do you have some misunderstanding?”

Fu Mingxi managed to calm down slightly, but cold fury was still apparent on his face. “Misunderstanding? Weren’t you stealing from me just now?”

“Stealing from you? What do you mean?” Shao Heng was further puzzled. “There must be some misunderstanding here; I’ll definitely explain it to you later, but thank you for coming, Brother Fu.”

Shao Heng evidently didn’t want to clash with Fu Mingxi.

Fu Mingxi also regained his cold and elegant persona now. “No need. I came here to accompany someone.”

Came here to accompany someone?

Fu Mingxi didn’t come here to attend my birthday party?

Whose face was big enough to make Fu Mingxi accompany them to attend something?

Shao Heng’s expression darkened slightly but quickly recovered. He politely asked, “May I ask which senior Brother Fu accompanied here?

Someone who could make Fu Mingxi accompany them had to be a monumental figure.

Fu Mingxi ignored Shao Heng and passed by him to walk toward Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan was trying her best to lower her presence and pretend to act unfamiliar with him, but to her despair, Fu Mingxi had very sharp eyes and shot toward her like an arrow. “Brother Ye, why didn’t you wait for me?”

Fu Mingxi was very tactful and changed his form of address rather quickly.

Shao Heng, who was trailing behind him, was startled. “You know Ye Bai, Brother Fu?”

His attentive assistant following him was also astonished and blurted out, “How do you know someone like this, Brother Fu?”

Fu Mingxi snorted and glanced at the duo. “Heh, weren’t you having a cheerful time poaching my manager just now? Now you’re asking me if I know her?”

Feng Ying froze in shock. “W-what…?”

What did Fu Mingxi just say?

Ye Bai’s his… manager?

Fu Mingxi’s suddenly forsaken manager, who was walking toward them from the crowd, was dumbfounded: “…???”

If Ye Bai is Fu Mingxi’s manager, then who am I?

On the other side, Gong Xu’s eyes also shot open.

What the heck???

Am I hearing things?

Since when did Brother Ye become Fu Mingxi’s manager?!

Ye Wanwan exasperatedly glanced at Fu Mingxi. “Since when did I become your manager?”

Fu Mingxi humbly said, “Brother Fu, I know I’m not gifted at all, but I’ll work hard. Won’t you think about it?”

As soon as Fu Mingxi said that, everyone in the banquet hall practically felt their glasses dropping and shattering on the floor.

When Shao Heng bestowed Ye Bai with an assistant position earlier, they thought it was a benevolent gift and Ye Bai was arrogant and ungrateful.

They never expected to turn around and astonishingly watch a super big name like Fu Mingxi begging Ye Bai to be his manager…

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