Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1780 - See whose backer is stronger

Chapter 1780: See whose backer is stronger

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Countless reporters caught wind of this and came with their cameras in tow merely for the birthday banquet of the grandson of some director at Stars Corporation.

“Wow! It’s Qiao Kexin! And Evan! Even Wen Ziheng, who never attends private parties, is here!”

“That’s not all! Even Li Xiaohang, Guo Jia, and Feng Qingke are here! They’re all international A-listers!”

“It’s just the birthday party of a B-lister, but it’s such a showy gathering!” a novice reporter commented in incomprehension.

A veteran reporter explained to him, “Are you kidding me? Shao Heng is the crown prince of Stars Corporation! Those stars from the Age of Immortals had a boundless future ahead of them after the Golden Orchid Awards, but even they can only act as shoe bearers for Shao Heng! Even an international Best Actor on Han Xianyu’s level could only be a lackey for the crown prince, alright?!”

Another veteran reporter carrying filming equipment interjected, “In the entertainment industry, you can’t do well simply because you have good acting skills and win a few Best Actors and Best Actresses. You also have to look at whose background is stronger!”

“How can Han Xianyu and his group compete with Shao Heng? Ye Mufan is currently still held in custody, and Ye Bai can’t protect him regardless of her capabilities. She even disappeared without a trace…” the veteran reporter continued.

The novice reporter had nothing but agreement on his face. “That’s right, that’s right. What’s most important in the entertainment industry is the strength of your backer! Otherwise, no matter how awesome you are, you can only hold someone’s shoes for them!”

Those reporters didn’t try to be quiet at all, so Gong Xu, who was walking on the red carpet, became so incensed that he wanted to charge toward the reporter who spoke. “D*mn! Who the heck are you calling a shoe holder—”

With the eyes of the public fixed on them and so many reporters present, a commotion would only humiliate them in the end.

Luo Chen quickly pulled Gong Xu back by his wrist and gave him a quiet reminder next to his ear: “Thirteen girlfriends.”

Those two words were like a curse and turned Gong Xu into a deflated balloon. “Sh*t!”

Fei Yang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief upon seeing a solution to control Gong Xu.

Gong Xu was akin to the Monkey King who had his Band-tightening Spell activated.

“Hey! Our birthday star tonight is here!”

Following an exclamation, a young man in his 20s started walking across the red carpet in a tailored Givenchy suit.

Everyone’s attention instantly landed on that night’s birthday boy, and they all fought to gather around him to court his favor.

“Young Master Shao, happy birthday!”

“Brother Shao, happy birthday! You’re seriously too handsome tonight!”

Ling Shaozhe eagerly pushed forward. “Brother Shao, happy birthday! Sister Yiyi’s mother isn’t feeling well, so she couldn’t personally come herself. She had me come here to celebrate in her stead.”

Fei Yang not only had to keep a watch on Gong Xu to prevent him from causing trouble but also had to be a good guest and congratulate the birthday boy. “Shao Heng, happy birthday!”

Shao Heng greeted all the guests with a faint smile. When he caught sight of Fei Yang, Han Xianyu, Luo Chen, Jiang Yanran, and Gong Xu though, he carelessly swept his eyes over them and aloofly asked, “Did you finish preparing for your events? It’s all famous people attending tonight, so don’t ruin it for me!”

Shao Heng’s tone made it sound like they were his servants and could be ordered around at his will.

Even the good-tempered Han Xianyu’s eyes darkened at his words.

All the guests were people from the same circle, so Luo Chen and Jiang Yanran also didn’t look too good at being humiliated in public like this.

Fei Yang had mingled in this industry for many years, so he could bow and submit or stand tall and managed to maintain a smile. However, Gong Xu…

Fei Yang knew things were going to spoil at the sight of Gong Xu’s expression.

At that moment, his phone buzzed. There was a new message from a WeChat group.

[Ye Bai: Are you all at Shao Heng’s birthday banquet?]

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