Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1781 - Ungrateful

Chapter 1781: Ungrateful

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Since Ye Wanwan sent a message in the group chat, everyone’s phone buzzed.

Gong Xu immediately tossed Shao Heng to the back of his mind.

Ever since Ye Wanwan disappeared, her messages hadn’t shown up in the company group chat since.

Suddenly seeing her surfacing in the group chat, Gong Xu was incredibly excited despite already knowing she had returned.

[Gong Xu: Brother Ye!]

[Gong Xu: Yeah, yeah! We’re all here!]

[Gong Xu: How did you know, Brother Ye?]

[Gong Xu: Are you free now, Brother Ye?]

Gong Xu sent several voice messages out in quick succession.

Soon, Ye Wanwan replied: [I’m almost there.]

Upon seeing this message, Gong Xu’s eyes shot open. “Brother Ye is coming…”

Han Xianyu’s expression became serious upon seeing the message.

Now that Ye Bai was back, she naturally had to return to everyone’s attention.

However, their reality now was different from the past.

The entertainment industry rose and fell. He had been through more difficult circumstances than this, so their current situation wasn’t considered significant from his perspective.

However, at the mere thought of that dazzling girl sinking into an abyss and having to face those rumors and slander, he found it harder to accept than his own sufferings.

On the other hand, the audience around them, who were secretly anticipating a show, all couldn’t help but sigh at seeing Gong Xu and his group keeping silent and obediently accepting public face slapping from Shao Heng.

Shao Heng’s junior female assistant contemptuously mocked, “Tch, the Age of Immortals, is it? You used to be extremely arrogant, but now? You wouldn’t even dare to fart in front of Shao Heng!”

This junior assistant was favored by Shao Heng, so the nearby minor artists all quickly chimed in. “Of course! Shao Heng has Stars Corporation supporting him! No matter how arrogant Gong Xu once was, he has no choice but to lower his head before Shao Heng.”

The female assistant crossed her arms across her chest and coldly looked over everyone. “Since when could just anyone be mentioned in the same breath as my Shao Heng?”

As soon as Ling Shaozhe heard that, he took the chance to go up with an ingratiating expression. “What are you saying, Sister Ying? How could pieces of trash like this compare to Brother Shao?! Nowadays, the Age of Immortals only barely manages to hold on because they have a god like Brother Shao with them!”

When enemies met, anger boiled over. Ling Shaozhe’s eyes were brimming with hatred as he looked at Luo Chen and Gong Xu.

Back when they filmed Terrifying Dragon together, he exploded with popularity while Luo Chen remained anonymous. One soared to the heavens while the other remained on the ground.

Later though, Ye Wanwan actually managed to make a piece of trash like Luo Chen popular while his reputation became ragged.

If it weren’t for the fact that he habitually flattered and curried favor with people, he would’ve been shelved already.

In front of Shao Heng, Ye Wanwan was nothing! Even Ye Yiyi had to bow before Shao Heng.

The female assistant was somewhat mollified. She derisively looked at Gong Xu and his group. “You’re right! This whole gang has to rely solely on Brother Xu but they’re acting so ungrateful! They’re seriously heartless and wretched!”

Shao Heng was currently skillfully navigating his way through the honorable guests and chatting with them. He noticed the situation with his assistant but had no intention of stopping them.

Jiang Yanran almost snapped with fury at these absolutely distorted words.

“How can these people be so shameless? It’s clearly Shao Heng who’s latching onto our company like a leech…”

At that moment, outside the banquet hall:

Ye Wanwan obtained an invitation as Fu Mingxi’s guest.

Big Dipper and Seven Star couldn’t enter the venue, but how could Big Dipper allow that? Hence, he and Fu Mingxi spiraled into an argument again.

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