Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1779 - She doesn’t have such low standards

Chapter 1779: She doesn’t have such low standards

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Ye Wanwan previously looked into information related to Shao Heng and knew he was the trump card that Ye Yiyi used to suppress the Age of Immortals. Han Xianyu and the others suffered quite a few losses against him.

Fu Mingxi pursed his lips. “He’s just the grandson of a branch head but actually claims he’s the crown prince of Stars Corporation! Seriously! I, the genuine crown prince, haven’t said anything myself! Who does he think he is?”

Ye Wanwan gave it some thought before glancing at Fu Mingxi. “Since there’s nothing else to do right now, let’s go and take a look.”

Fu Mingxi was dumbstruck and thought of something that caused his expression to change instantly. “What? You want to attend Shao Heng’s birthday banquet? P-president… don’t tell me… don’t tell me you took a fancy to Shao Heng!!!”

Otherwise, why would she be so interested in Shao Heng out of nowhere and ask so many questions about him?

Ye Wanwan’s face turned black as the bottom of a pan instantly.

What kind of strange neural circuit did this guy have? Which part of her sentence sounded like she took a fancy to Shao Heng?

Ye Wanwan corrected him. “You’re overthinking. I merely remembered I have a few friends going there today.”

Fu Mingxi asked, “Really…?”

Grandpa previously told him about the President’s situation in detail, so Fu Mingxi immediately remembered that the President was the founder of the Age of Immortals when she was in China and once managed Luo Chen, Gong Xu, and Jiang Yanran.

So it was because people from the Age of Immortals would also be there…

“No problem! I’ll arrange everything and have my manager prepare the car now!” Fu Mingxi relaxed and said, “Since you don’t have an invitation, President, I can only burden you to enter as my partner…”

“Whatever. That’s fine.”

Fu Mingxi was overcome with excitement. The president agreed to be his partner! If he rounded it up, it was the same as acknowledging his status!

“Then, um, Big Dipper, Seven Star, you two can go back since I’ll take care of the President. Anyway, I don’t have any extra invitations.” Fu Mingxi was itching to get rid of the two third wheels immediately.

“Take care your a**! I think you just want to pull an inside job! Who needs a crappy invitation?! Let’s see who’ll dare to stop me!” Big Dipper yelled while drawing up his sleeves.

Fu Mingxi tidied his exquisite and luxurious cuffs and peered at Big Dipper from the corner of his eyes. “Big Dipper, this is China, not the Independent State. Everything has to be done according to the rules. You know nothing, so don’t cause trouble for the President.”

“What are you saying? I don’t know anything? I’m causing trouble for the President?! When I started standing next to Sis Feng, you were still playing with mud!”

“Big Dipper, you and Seven Star can wait outside,” Ye Wanwan interrupted their quarreling exasperatedly.

Big Dipper couldn’t refute the President’s orders, so he angrily whispered in Seven Star’s ears behind them, “D*mn! We really aren’t letting this punk displace us, right? Old Seven, think of something!”

Seven Star remained unruffled the whole time. Upon hearing this, he calmly said, “Groundless fears.”

Big Dipper was offended. “How are these groundless fears? Look at that punk! He’d want nothing more than to plaster himself onto Sis Feng!”

Seven Star expressionlessly said, “Sis Feng doesn’t have such low standards.”

Big Dipper mumbled, “Huh? This is low? To give the devil his due, there’s nothing I can insult about Fu Mingxi, that punk’s, face…”


At Imperial City’s Wester Grand Hotel:

The entire six-star hotel was booked out today, and guests arrived in an endless stream.

Half of the entertainment industry’s famous artists were there, resplendently dazzling the venue. Aside from that, there were also distinguished businessmen and politicians roaming around. This was a spectacle that could hold a candle to the Golden Orchid Awards ceremony.

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