Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1778 - Purity and chastity

Chapter 1778: Purity and chastity

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“Yes, President.” Fu Mingxi obediently shut up immediately. He pushed Big Dipper to the side before waiting a mere step away from Ye Wanwan silently.

At that moment, his phone suddenly started ringing.

Fu Mingxi casually skimmed the caller ID before answering impatiently.

“Hey, what is it?”

It was Fu Mingxi’s manager on the other end. “Mingxi, it’s me. Don’t tell me you forgot what today is?”

“What’s today?” Fu Mingxi sounded uncaring.

His manager became anxious at once and quickly reminded him, “Mingxi, today is Shao Heng’s birthday banquet. I told you beforehand! After all, Shao Heng is Xu Xiaohao’s grandson, who’s a director at Stars Corporation. It’d be beneficial for you to wish Shao Heng happy birthday and make some connections with the higher-ups at Stars Corporation!”

The fact that Fu Mingxi was the grandson of Stars Corporation’s chairman of the board was kept confidential, so no one in Stars Entertainment knew about it, including his manager.

Fu Mingxi curled his lips scornfully. “Tch…”

He felt nothing but disdain about his manager’s words.

Who the heck was Xu Xiaohao? Xu Xiaohao was merely a minor director at a Chinese branch, but his grandfather, Fu Hongru, was the chairman of Stars Corporation and the Second Elder of the Fearless Alliance!

In the future, he would become the man of the President of the Fearless Alliance!

He, Fu Mingxi, was a higher-up amongst higher-ups! Why would he need the help of a nobody like Shao Heng to befriend Stars Corporation?

“I have something important to do today. Help decline it on my behalf,” Fu Mingxi nonchalantly replied.

As soon as the manager heard that, he looked troubled. Fu Mingxi was Stars Entertainment’s hottest star on the international scene, so even he couldn’t order Fu Mingxi to do something as his manager.

The manager could only try to genially convince him otherwise. “Mingxi, you just need to show your face and it won’t waste much time! Half an hour—no, just 10 minutes! You just need to stay 10 minutes, how about that?”

In order to make Fu Mingxi agree, the manager’s eyes shifted and he added, “Oh right, oh right, aren’t you rather interested in that Golden Orchid Best Actress, Jiang Yanran? All of the artists from the Age of Immortals will be attending today.”

Ye Wanwan was rather close to Fu Mingxi, so she could faintly hear most of the conversation.

At the mention of Jiang Yanran and the Age of Immortals, she reflexively looked up at Fu Mingxi.

Fu Mingxi was scared sh*tless and immediately cursed his manager out, “N-nonsense! Why would I be interested in other women?! Who’s the one spreading rumors?! Do they want to die?! I have no idea who that Yan something Ran something person is!”

He merely thought that woman had decent acting skills and casually complimented her. Yet this incompetent fool decided to slander him!

“Eh…” The manager was dumbstruck, having no idea why Fu Mingxi became so emotional all of a sudden.

Fu Mingxi hung up at once and hastily explained to Ye Wanwan, “You mustn’t misunderstand, President. My manager was merely running his mouth off. I haven’t even dated anyone before…”

Ye Wanwan exasperatedly interrupted Fu Mingxi’s declaration of his “purity and chastity.” “Your manager was talking about… Shao Heng’s birthday banquet?”

“That’s right, but he’s just the grandson of a branch head. No need to pay attention to him, President,” Fu Mingxi answered.

“Shao Heng is an artist under Emperor Sky Entertainment?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“He used to be from Stars Entertainment but couldn’t get by anymore, so he went to Emperor Sky. He’s only popular from freeloading off of other people’s popularity.” Fu Mingxi looked derisive of the other man.

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