Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1777 - I guarantee I won’t kill you

Chapter 1777: I guarantee I won’t kill you

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Anyway, he absolutely couldn’t allow Second Elder to snatch this opportunity!

Hmph, did this old geezer think he was the only one with a grandson?

Third Elder’s eyes shifted and he hastily recommended his own people. “President, my eldest grandson, Li Wenyao, is also an outstanding person. You’ve seen Wenyao, President; his looks are superb as well! Otherwise, what do you think about my youngest son, Li Zeyu? Zeyu also has fine looks, and he’s merely a few years older than you, President…”

First Elder’s face turned black with anger. These two old misers! They were actually using such crooked methods to strive for the President’s favor!

Were they bullying him for being single and not having any sons?

He would allow anyone but these two old geezers to reap benefits!

And so, First Elder also hastily interjected, “President, if you really want to choose someone from the Alliance, I recommend Jiang Li. Jiang Li might not be as handsome, but his martial arts skills…”

Jiang Li was First Elder’s god-son.

Third Elder immediately shoved First Elder to the side. “Why are you mentioning him if he doesn’t have good looks?! You don’t even know the President’s tastes, so don’t randomly try to matchmake!”

At the mention of looks, Fu Mingxi evidently gained more confidence. “President, I know you like good-looking men. If we’re talking about looks, there aren’t many people whose looks are superior to mine in the entire entertainment industry!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Hey, are you guys done?!

Why’s the topic getting more and more askew?

What do they think I am?!

Ye Wanwan sternly said, “Enough, I came here to perform an inspection, not collect rent! Do I look like those debauched monarchs who could be bribed by beauties?”

Big Dipper instantly shook his head. “Of course you don’t look like it—you are that kind of person, Sis Feng! If you aren’t bribed, it must be because the person isn’t beautiful enough!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Come over here and I guarantee I won’t kill you!

Ye Wanwan cut this topic short, reaching the end of her patience. “All of you, shut up! Let’s talk business.”

Second Elder looked at Director Zhou and instructed, “Zhou Tao, the President’s orders are my orders. The entire Stars Corporation can be changed however the President wants while she’s in China. No disobedience is permitted.”

Zhou Tao vehemently nodded with an excited expression. “Of course, of course. I understand… Thank you for Chairman Fu and Lady President’s trust!”

Then Zhou Tao and Second Elder held a brief meeting and reported some information to Ye Wanwan.

After the video call ended, Zhou Tao arranged for the most superior welcome lunch at Stars Entertainment while Fu Mingxi accompanied them the whole time and didn’t go anywhere else.

Second Elder had secretly called his grandson and exhorted him to take advantage of the President’s visit in China to win her favor.

“President, I’m familiar with China. If there’s any place you want to visit, tell me and I’ll definitely arrange everything!” Fu Mingxi enthusiastically waited on Ye Wanwan on his hands and feet without any impatience.

Big Dipper exposed him without any hesitation. “I’m telling you, punk, stop acting so attentive! You just want to obtain the Fearless Alliance!”

Fu Mingxi earnestly said, “My loyalty to the President Fearless can be verified by heaven and earth! If the President and I are married, I would belong to the President, so would there be any difference in who the Fearless Alliance belonged to?!”

“Anyway, the President is currently battling gu poison, so she might need someone to ease the effects in case the poison acts up before an antidote is found. How could you use those grimy people on the outside without worrying?! I’m simply shouldering the President’s worries!”

At the mention of the love gu, Ye Wanwan recalled a certain person and became more annoyed. She pinched her brows and ordered, “Hush. Let me rest a bit.”

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