Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1769 - Am I a street performer?!

Chapter 1769: Am I a street performer?!

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The female assistant’s belittling words lit firecrackers instantly.

Gong Xu tossed his chips to the side and leaped up. “D*mn, who the f*ck are you speaking to? How dare a nobody like you talk to us like this?! Do you want to die?!”

This group of people had acted rather docilely recently; even Gong Xu restrained his temper quite a bit until now.

This female assistant thought things would proceed the same as before, so she didn’t expect Gong Xu to suddenly fly off the handle. She jolted in fright and reflexively cowered back.

However, she soon straightened up and derisively glanced at them before haughtily saying, “Of course I’m not a nobody. You have to know our Shao Heng isn’t someone you can offend!

“As for who you are? Heh, you’re merely a group of undesirable stray dogs! What do you have to brag about? If it weren’t for our Shao Heng being kind and showing consideration for you since you’re both from the same company, do you think you would be qualified to be invited to his birthday banquet?”

Gong Xu’s eyes were nearly white from how hard he rolled them. “Same company your dogsh*t! Who the f*ck is from the same company as you?! Stop plastering gold onto your own face! How could a trash company like Emperor Sky Entertainment be mentioned in the same breath as this young master’s Age of Immortals?!”

Shao Heng was an artist under Emperor Sky Entertainment and exploded with popularity from latching onto the Age of Immortal’s thighs.

After the Age of Immortals was bought out, Ye Yiyi wrung all sorts of resources from the Age of Immortals in order to curry Shao Heng’s favor and allowed Shao Heng to leech Han Xianyu and their popularity, forcibly making Shao Heng popular.

They were using the Age of Immortals as a stepping stone but Shao Heng had the nerve to shamelessly claim he was inviting them to sing and perform during his birthday banquet out of kindness.

Gong Xu’s words had never lost in terms of acidity.

The female assistant snorted from anger. “Young Master Gong is rather bold! You aren’t afraid of Emperor Sky Entertainment, but what about Stars Corporation?”

Stars Corporation had countless children companies and Stars Entertainment was but one of many. As for Shao Heng, his grandfather was the director of some branch of Stars Corporation.

Due to this level of connection, basically no one dared to provoke Shaoheng in the entertainment industry.

After all, no one wanted to offend a titan like Stars Corporation.

After playing around at Stars Entertainment for a few days without great popularity, Shao Heng found it pointless and returned to being a rich, wasteful son. Later, Ye Yiyi used some kind of unknown method to poach Shao Heng to Emperor Sky Entertainment.

Hongxing Gang’s power was nowhere as frightening as Stars Corporation’s, so Ye Yiyi naturally wanted to latch onto a thicker thigh.

“Who cares about Stars—”

Before Gong Xu could finish speaking, Han Xianyu stepped in front of Gong Xu and halted his words. He looked at the assistant, unfazed, and said, “Got it. We’ll arrive on time.”

“Hmph, consider yourself smart! Act faster! If you’re delayed and enrage Shao Heng, don’t blame me for not reminding you! Oh right, Shao Heng said that no one on the list tonight is allowed to be absent; everyone must attend!” Then the little assistant sashayed out of the room with her high heels clicking on the floor.

“D*mn! Brother Xianyu, why did you agree to her?! A lousy birthday banquet, yet they want this young master to sing and perform for his entertainment? Am I a street performer? If my Brother Ye found out about this, she would definitely be heartbroken! Go if you want to go, but I absolutely won’t go!”

Jiang Yanran looked at Gong Xu, troubled, and attempted to soothe him. “You’re just attending a birthday banquet; it’s nothing. People in our industry often have to attend these social functions anyway!”.

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