Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1768 - I’ll continue to be beautiful like a flower

Chapter 1768: I’ll continue to be beautiful like a flower

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Gong Xu leaped toward Luo Chen at once. “Blockhead, I’m telling you! Do you know what happened that day? You absolutely can’t imagine it, but Brother Ye had the brilliance of the sun and moon draped over her and she rode on a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds to save me in the midst of thousands of soldiers and horses! She simply…”

Luo Chen expressionlessly glanced at the excited Gong Xu. “Shut up. You’ve told me 800 times already.”

Gong Xu’s nose nearly touched the sky from how upturned it was. “Hmph! Jealous! I think you’re just jealous!!!”

Luo Chen remained aloof and didn’t say anything.

At that moment, Jiang Yanran opened the door and entered.

Gong Xu immediately abandoned Luo Chen and fluttered toward Jiang Yanran like a butterfly. “Yanran, Yanran, Yanran! I’m telling you, the atmosphere was about to explode back then. A millisecond more and your young master, I, would’ve had his belt stripped off by those hoodlums. However, quick as a wink, my Brother Ye had the brilliance of the sun and moon draped over her and she rode on a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds…”

Jiang Yanran raised her hands, her head pounding as she begged for mercy. “Enough, enough, spare me, please! I know how handsome your Brother Ye is and how much she spoils you!”

These past few days, every time Gong Xu saw someone, he would repeat how Wanwan “heroically saved the damsel in distress” back then, and no one was exempt.

From Han Xianyu to Luo Chen, from Jiang Yanran to Fei Yang, and from Xiao-Qing to Dong Zai, they all wished nothing more than to sew Gong Xu’s lips shut from their annoyance.

Fei Yang was sitting in front of the long table processing documents. His expression was serious as he reflected, “Actually… Ye Bai acting in such a high-profile manner surprised me. This… doesn’t seem to match her modus operandi… Hiring two thugs to meet Yao Jiawen’s force with force might relieve frustrations temporarily, but I’m afraid… it will cause no end of trouble…”

Han Xianyu’s eyes glinted.

Even Fei Yang realized it, so Han Xianyu was also aware, of course.

Gong Xu’s incident indeed didn’t resemble Ye Bai’s usual modus operandi.

Gong Xu was unconcerned. “The two people who came back with Brother Ye were super fearsome! They’re simply martial arts experts! I’ve never seen people like them outside of movies; they could defeat ten people single-handedly easy-peasy!”

Fei Yang sighed. “Even if Ye Bai came back with helpers, her opponents aren’t minor street delinquents; it’s Hongxing Gang! After suffering such a large grievance, Yao Jiawen absolutely won’t take things lying down. Hongxing Gang is probably aware of this matter already…”

Gong Xu confidently retorted, “Is it really that serious? I think that absolutely nothing will happen as long as Brother Ye is here! My Brother Ye isn’t the impulsive type. Since she dared to do this, she must’ve made preparations! Don’t worry needlessly!”

Gong Xu’s expression was essentially that of a lovestruck teenage girl who blindly admired and trusted her boyfriend.

After saying that, he picked up a bag of chips and went to lie on the sofa without any worries, acting rather carelessly.

Han Xianyu, Luo Chen, and Jiang Yanran met each other’s eyes, exasperated.

Gong Xu had grown much more mature after the company was incessantly slammed with trouble, but he started completely unleashing his true nature again as soon as Ye Bai returned.

Gong Xu acted rather smugly about it too. As he munched on the chips, he said, “Now that my Brother Ye is back, what do I have to worry about? I just need to continue to be beautiful like a flower!”

Han Xianyu: “…”

Luo Chen: “…”

Jiang Yanran: “…”

Fei Yang: “…”

The lounge door was forcibly pushed open with a bang, and a woman dressed like an assistant was standing at the door with a displeased expression.

The woman arrogantly swept her eyes over the occupants of the room before landing on Han Xianyu. “Why are you still here chatting and acting so free?! Don’t you have work to do? The show is about to start! Do you want my Shaoheng to wait for you?”

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