Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1767 - Was there any justice?

Chapter 1767 Was there any justice?

For example, Emperor Sky Entertainment produced some of the top superstars in China at most, but Stars Entertainment produced numerous international superstars, three of which had left the silver screen already but were still considered legends in China’s entertainment industry. 0

Whether it was Emperor Sky Entertainment or the Age of Immortals, they all had some form of interaction with Stars Entertainment. Many assignments of artists from Emperor Sky Entertainment went through Stars Entertainment and they wouldn’t dare to act insolently

without approval from Stars Entertainment.

On top of that, Emperor Sky Entertainment was also required to hand over 10% of their profits to Stars Entertainment every day as their stock “percentage”.

In reality, this supposed “percentage” was merely a pretext. Other well-known entertainment companies and the Age of Immortals also had to do it; it just sounded better to call it Stars Entertainment’s stock percentage. To put it bluntly, it was a tribute they handed over to Stars Entertainment. 0 Read more chapter on NovelFull

Aside from dabbling in all sorts of industries, Stars Corporation was also

considered an omnipotent entity amongst the mafias.

Groups like Hongxing Gang were on completely different levels from Stars Corporation; they probably weren’t even qualified to hold Stars Corporation’s shoes.

Ye Wanwan looked at First Elder, slightly confused. Why did First Elder suddenly mention Stars Entertainment out of nowhere?

“First Elder, how do you know about Stars Entertainment…?” Ye Wanwan was baffled.

She herself only vaguely knew about the existence of Stars Corporation after creating the Age of Immortals and leading it. However, First Elder had only been in

China for a few days. How did he know about a company like Stars Corporation?

First Elder chuckled. “Second Elder called me earlier and told me Stars Corporation was his asset in China, so we could use it however we wanted if necessary:


Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. Stars Corporation was… Second Elder’s asset in China?! This kind of freaking operation existed?!

“President, in truth, us elders of the Fearless Alliance, along with the majority of the other higher-ups, all have properties and assets outside of the Independent State. For example, First Elder possesses

many companies in Europe, while mine are in North America and Second Elder’s are in Asia;’ Third Elder explained as he came outside as well. 0

Ye Wanwan: “…” 0

Ye Wanwan hadn’t known the Fearless Alliance possessed so many assets in Asia, Europe, and North America…

A terrifying power like Stars Corporation… was actually a branch of the Fearless Alliance in China?!

Just how many things about the Fearless Alliance didn’t she know despite being the President?!

Is there any justice…

Are there any laws?! 0

At the Age of Immortals, inside the lounge:

“Brother Xianyu, Brother Xianyu! Fm telling you, my Brother Ye was simply awesome! She had the brilliance of the sun and moon draped over her and she rode on a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds to save me in the midst of thousands of soldiers and horses! She dazed everyone with how handsome she was! Yao Jiawen and those tall and stocky thugs were all beaten black and blue!” Gong Xu provided Han Xianyu with an animated description as he was sitting on the sofa. 0

Han Xianyu chuckled. “Really?”

“Really! Of course! She was super handsome! Its such a pity you didn’t see it yourself, but only I could’ve seen this kind of scene, of course! Brother Ye indulges me the most!” Gong Xu said, drunk on his own story.

At that moment, Luo Chen walked out of the break room with a cup of water in hand. 0

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