Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1766 - A talent indeed

Chapter 1766: A talent indeed

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“Brother, nice acting skills! You’re as talented as expected!” Big Dipper gave Liao Jiaqi a thumbs up with immense respect. “Now that the matter has been resolved, you can leave.”

Liao Jiaqi was startled and frantically shook his head. “I won’t leave!”

“D*mn, I’ve never seen anyone like you…” Big Dipper was baffled. He won’t leave even after being released?

“How could you?! You can’t act like this! Use me then turn your back on me like you don’t know me! No, I absolutely won’t leave! I’ll stay right here and won’t go anywhere else!” Liao Jiaqi looked at Ye Wanwan fearlessly.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

I feel like… there’s something wrong with his lines…?

“Alright, fine, as you wish. You can stay here for now if you want,” Ye Wanwan said after mulling it over for a moment.

If Liao Jiaqi returned now, Liao Haicheng might renege on his promise, so it would be better to keep Liao Jiaqi here for now and send him home after the matter was completely resolved.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan’s phone started ringing. It was Liang Wanjun calling.

Ye Wanwan got up and left immediately to take Liang Wanjun’s call.

After Ye Wanwan left, Liao Jiaqi suddenly turned to First Elder and anxiously said, “Oh right… You must be careful since you’re acting against Emperor Sky Entertainment. Emperor Sky Entertainment has some connections with Stars Entertainment.

“You should know about Stars Entertainment—their head company is Stars Corporation. Stars Corporation’s power in China is truly too immense. Our Hongxing Gang is nothing compared to Stars Corporation…”

“Stars Corporation?”

Big Dipper was taken aback. “First Elder, didn’t Second Elder call you and tell you he had a company in China called Stars Corporation?”

“Yes…” First Elder nodded. “Every elder in the Fearless Alliance owns an array of assets in each country.”

“Fear… Fearless Alliance?”

Liao Jiaqi suddenly froze and looked at the others, stunned.

What… what did I just hear?

“Forget it; it’d be better if I let the President know.” First Elder turned to leave.

Liao Jiaqi was still dumbfounded.

As the heir of Hongxing Gang, Liao Jiaqi had naturally heard about the Fearless Alliance…

These people never mentioned who they were before, but could it be…? Did he actually get abducted by the legendary Fearless Alliance…? And the goddess who abducted him was actually… the President of the Fearless Alliance?!

Am I dreaming?!?!?!

I actually got abducted by the Fearless Alliance?!

If he told others in his circle about this… he would be able to brag about this experience for the rest of his life…

Ye Wanwan had just hung up when First Elder walked outside.

“Have you heard of Stars Entertainment in China, President?” First Elder asked her.

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Of course. What about them?”

Due to their status in the international entertainment industry, Stars Entertainment held an unshakable number one position in China’s entertainment industry.

Not a single entertainment company could compare to Stars Entertainment.

To put it plainly, Emperor Sky Entertainment might be considered a leader in China, but it couldn’t squeeze into the top 10 on the international scene.

Based on what Ye Wanwan knew, Stars Corporation was involved in a broad range of things, and Stars Entertainment was merely one of the many companies managed by Stars Corporation.

Aside from dabbling in the entertainment industry, Stars Corporation also dabbled in the development of tourist attractions, properties, and even large-scale amusement parks inside major cities.

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