Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1770 - Move over—I need to pose!

Chapter 1770: Move over—I need to pose!

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Gong Xu bristled with indignity. “But this is Shao Heng’s birthday banquet! That punk is just a junior and rookie who debuted just a few days ago! Yet he wants me to attend his birthday banquet and sing for entertainment? Who gave him the nerve?!

“If I really sang, how could I hold my head high in the entertainment industry afterward? Not only would I shame myself, but I would also bring shame upon Brother Ye!”

When Shao Heng forcefully stole the Age of Immortals’ resources and freeloaded off of their popularity, they weren’t too cooperative, so Shao Heng’s actions now was merely meant to humiliate the Age of Immortals!

Fei Yang sighed. They were also understanding of Gong Xu’s situation, but there was nothing they could do.

If it were anyone else, the impact of rejecting wouldn’t be too significant considering their status in the entertainment industry, but this time, they couldn’t afford to offend someone who had a background like Shao Heng.

Back then, Ye Yiyi purposefully used Shao Heng to suppress them.

Fei Yang walked over and clapped Gong Xu on the shoulder. “Forget it, forget it, Gong Xu. Don’t lower yourself to their level. It’s just a song, so pretend you’re singing to a dog!”

Gong Xu protested, “I don’t want to! You go sing if you want!”

Jiang Yanran said, “Gong Xu, listen to me…”

Gong Xu clasped his ears. “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t…”

The others were exasperated. Once Gong Xu was determined to act stubborn, no one could persuade him otherwise.

They didn’t dare to disturb the only person who could persuade him.

However, if they offended Stars Corporation, the Age of Immortals would be done for…

The room was locked into a stalemate.

At that moment, Luo Chen aloofly interjected, “You don’t have to go, but I’ll tell Brother Ye that you had 13 different girlfriends while she was gone.”

Gong Xu shot up from the sofa like a fire was lit under him. “D*mn bullsh*t! There was only 12! Wait, blah! When did I switch girlfriends? This young master was clean and chaste and didn’t date anyone! It was those shameless women who glued themselves onto me to freeload off of this young master’s popularity, alright?!”

Luo Chen retorted, “You can try and see if Brother Ye believes you or me.”

Gong Xu was stunned. When he realized he had too much dark history, his trustworthiness was too low and Brother Ye did trust Luo Chen more, he was incensed. “You… y-y-you… D*mn! Luo Chen, this again?! You despicable, shameless scoundrel!!!”

In the end, Gong Xu was forced to follow them while fuming with rage between gritted teeth.


Ye Wanwan was still discussing Stars Corporation with First Elder and Third Elder.

“Since you’re in China, President, why don’t we go to Stars and perform an inspection?” Third Elder suggested.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin in thought. Go to Stars to inspect it???

To Ye Wanwan’s understanding, Stars Entertainment was the tyrant of the entertainment industry and the holy land for every artist. Not to even mention the whole Stars Corporation.

Even at the Age of Immortals’ peak, Stars Entertainment was within sight but beyond reach.

Now, they wanted her to go to Stars Corporation to… inspect it…

First Elder also interjected matter-of-factly, “Since Stars Corporation is our branch company in China, they should naturally greet the President. On the phone just now, Second Elder said he arranged for our reception already and asked you to do him the honor of visiting, President.”

Ye Wanwan concealed the emotions on her face and cleared her throat before calmly saying, “Sure. Let’s pay a visit then.”

If she had a connection with Stars Corporation, it would be a lot more convenient for her to accomplish what she needed to do.

Ah, it was time for her to turn on her posturizing mode again…

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