Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1760 - Isn’t that man Lord Asura?

Chapter 1760: Isn’t that man Lord Asura?

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Big Dipper had just lit a cigarette when he caught something in the distance. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and straightened up, pointing at the man in the distance, and exclaiming, “D*mn, isn’t that man Lord Asura?!”

Ye Wanwan was surprised at the mention of Lord Asura and followed the direction Big Dipper was pointing in.

A man in a black suit appeared by the Si residence’s main door and turned to leave a second later, leaving his back figure behind.

However, his turning allowed Ye Wanwan to clearly see the man’s face. As Big Dipper said, this man had identical looks to Lord Asura except for his black hair.

“Si Yehan…” Ye Wanwan murmured, her heart pounding in her chest.

“He doesn’t resemble Lord Asura.” Seven Star, who was sitting in the passenger seat in the front, expressionlessly said, “They do look very similar, but the way they dress and their mannerisms are very different. Also, this man has black hair.”

“Follow them!” Ye Wanwan ordered immediately.

“Will do, Sis Feng!” Big Dipper tossed his cigarette to the side and stomped on the gas, instantly following the man.

As they were about to catch up to the man, he turned into an alley and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Ye Wanwan told Big Dipper to stop the car at once.

They swiftly opened the doors and shot out. However, after searching for a full 15 minutes, they still couldn’t locate the man.

“D*mn! Is this a magic trick…? He disappeared?”

Big Dipper examined his surroundings but there wasn’t any sign of life in the alley.

Ye Wanwan was also baffled. Big Dipper and Seven Star both saw the man earlier, so she wasn’t seeing things.

Moreover, based on that man’s style of dress, he was Si Yehan and was vastly different from Lord Asura of the Independent State.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows deeply.

What’s going on…?

There’s no doubt I saw Si Yehan just now…

If Si Yehan is really still in China, then who’s Lord Asura from the Independent State…?

“Could that man be Lord Asura? They might dress differently, but they look the same,” Big Dipper asked in confusion.

“That’s not for certain,” Seven Star calmly replied.

Ye Wanwan sunk into contemplation.

It was difficult to say whether that man just now was Lord Asura or not, and there wasn’t any point in making guesses right now. They shouldn’t make any judgments until they located him.

Ye Wanwan wanted to search thoroughly, but her phone started ringing at that moment.

“President, First Elder screwed up his task. If you have time, come and take a look.” Third Elder’s voice was emitted from the phone.

Ye Wanwan was startled by the news.

First Elder messed up the task…? How’s that possible?

First Elder failed to take care of the mere Hongxing Gang…? Did an accident happen?

“What happened?” Ye Wanwan asked with a frown.

“It’s hard to explain over the phone, President. It’d be better for you to come and see,” Third Elder replied.

Ye Wanwan could faintly hear waves of groans and shouts from the other end.

“Understood. Send the address to Big Dipper; we’ll come over now,” Ye Wanwan said.

Shortly after hanging up the phone, Big Dipper received an address and GPS location from Third Elder.

They immediately returned to the car and Big Dipper hit the gas, driving to the GPS location.

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