Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1759 - They’ve probably never died before

Chapter 1759: They’ve probably never died before

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One, Yao Jiawen didn’t care about those photos and videos being exposed.

Two, Yao Jiawen was certain that Hongxing Gang could appropriately handle this matter and easily destroy Ye Wanwan and that she held the advantage over Ye Wanwan.

To Ye Wanwan, these people were rather interesting. Since they wanted to play, she’d play along with them. She didn’t care.

“May I ask what position you hold in Hongxing Gang?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Heh, Miss Ye, that has nothing to do with you. However, I don’t mind telling you that there’s no room to make up for what you’ve done, so I’m here to advise you to return the photos and videos you took on the set to Yao Jiawen, Miss Ye.

“Then hold a press conference and admit that you fled after embezzling Age of Immortals’ funds. Also, kneel down before Yao Jiawen in front of the world and apologize to her. If you do as I say, Miss Ye, your family will be safe and sound…

“However, if you stubbornly clinging to your course and act ignorantly, Miss Ye… Your family might suffer a miserable tragedy because of you… What do you think, Miss Ye?”

“Heh… You’re quite gutsy.” Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up. “You’re the first person to dare to talk to me like this. Hongxing Gang, is it…? You’ll pay tragically for those words.”

“Miss Ye, are you telling me you really are unafraid of death and uncaring about your family’s lives…”

Before the Hongxing Gang member could finish speaking, Ye Wanwan hung up.

“Sis Feng, what dogsh*t is Hongxing Gang? How dare they act so arrogantly? They’ve probably never died before!” Big Dipper said.

When Ye Wanwan accepted the call, she put it on speakerphone, so everyone heard the conversation clearly.

“President, leave this matter to me too. It won’t be long before the Hongxing Gang completely disappears without a person spared,” Third Elder promised with a dark expression.

“Heh, Third Elder, you’re funny,” First Elder retorted.

Third Elder knitted his brows and his eyes landed on First Elder in flamboyant red. “What do you mean?”

“What do you think I meant? Are you treating this place as the Independent State, Third Elder? This is China, a place with institutional laws. Everything has to act with the law in mind,” First Elder said.

“Who needs you to teach me?” Third Elder was displeased.

Ye Wanwan mulled it over before deciding to assign the resolution of Hongxing Gang’s trouble to First Elder.

Third Elder was unhappy with First Elder but it wasn’t his place to pursue the matter since Ye Wanwan made her decision already.

After that, Ye Wanwan left Golden Seas and brought Seven Star and Big Dipper with her to drive to the Si residence.

About half an hour later, under Ye Wanwan’s directions, Seven Star parked the car outside the Si residence.

Qin Ruoxi had gained complete control over the current Si family and she had placed Grandma Si under house arrest and stripped Grandma Si of all power.

Ye Wanwan originally planned to contact Eleven and Little Stutterer, Feng Xuanyi, but Feng Xuanyi’s number had turned into a blank number while Eleven’s phone remained turned off, so she couldn’t contact either of them.

Ye Wanwan didn’t rashly approach the Si residence. Back in China, Qin Ruoxi wanted to deal her a fatal blow multiple times, so Ye Wanwan would complicate the issue unnecessarily if she was discovered.

“Eh… why does that man look familiar…?”

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