Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1761 - Won’t grant you your wish

Chapter 1761: Won’t grant you your wish

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At an abandoned factory in the capital’s suburbs:

When Ye Wanwan arrived, First Elder and Third Elder were knee-deep in their argument with a person—20 years old or so—lying on the ground next to them. The unconscious young man had a large wound on his forehead, and it was unclear whether he was dead or alive.

Ye Wanwan swept her eyes over the stylishly and luxuriously dressed young man. “What happened?”

Big Dipper also looked at the man. “Eh, who’s this?”

Seven Star frowned. “Liao Haicheng’s son, Liao Jiaqi.”

He had researched everything there was to know about Hongxing Gang, so he recognized the man on the ground at one glance.

Liao Haicheng was the boss of Hongxing Gang and had three daughters and one son; Liao Jiaqi was his favored child.

“Um…” Ye Wanwan was surprised. She didn’t expect First Elder to abduct Liao Haicheng’s son in the blink of an eye.

Third Elder impatiently tattled, “President! First Elder adamantly claims China is a place with laws and that I acted inappropriately, but he abducted someone in broad daylight!”

First Elder shot Third Elder a look of contempt and coldly retorted, “Third Elder, you shouldn’t compare your clumsy plans with my tactics!

“You wasted so much time to handle two small fries; what was the point of that? But me—I captured the ringleader to gain control over his lackeys! That thug steward and his lover act so arrogantly because they have Hongxing Gang backing them up, no? As long as we take care of Hongxing Gang, everything else will be a piece of cake!”

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin. “Hm, that’s true…”

Third Elder became anxious upon hearing the President siding with First Elder. “Don’t be fooled by him, President! I abducted Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun because they’re meat on a chopping board. They wouldn’t dare to babble if they were abducted, let alone cause trouble.

“However, this boy is Liao Haicheng’s pampered son! Liao Haicheng will definitely be thunderously enraged by First Elder’s rash abduction!”

First Elder’s expression darkened. “You don’t know sh*t…”

Third Elder sneered. “Heh, that’s right, I don’t know anything. Then you should tell me how you plan to handle this current situation, First Elder. Even if Liao Haicheng was initially successfully threatened by you, what happens after? Can you guarantee he won’t retaliate?”

“So what if he retaliates? Our Fearless Alliance isn’t scared of the mere Hongxing Gang!”

“First Elder, our Fearless Alliance naturally has nothing to fear when the situation blows up, but it’ll infringe on China’s laws! It’ll be troublesome then!

“This isn’t the Independent State, First Elder! You said it yourself? What? Aren’t you slapping your own face?”

First Elder exclaimed, “Li Si! You…”

Ye Wanwan impatiently waved her hand at the intense quarreling. “Enough. Stop shouting and be quiet. Let me think about it…”

Everything would be easy to resolve if they were in the Independent State. But this situation… was indeed a bit tricky in China…

First Elder and Third Elder became silent simultaneously but kept contemptuously murdering each other with their looks.

Ye Wanwan was mulling over a solution when a wave of groans was heard from the ground. Liao Jiaqi had woken up.

Liao Jiaqi furiously glared at First Elder. “Just who are you… Don’t you know who I am? Who gave you the guts to abduct me?!”

“I’m telling you, keep dreaming if you want to use me and threaten my dad! I won’t grant you your wish even if I have to die!!!”

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