Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1752 - Fm just someone else’s employee

Chapter 1752 Fm just someone else’s employee

“Eh? You’re threatening me? As a reporter, my job is to publish facts! What, should I be scared of you? What could you possibly do to me?” Big Dipper said derisively and

pointedly snapped a few more photos of Liang Meixuan with his phone after saying that. 0

“Huang Mingkun, will you pay us the money you owe us? Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance: Third Elder looked at him intently.

Before Huang Mingkun could say anything, the elevator door opened and four to five

hotel staff members walked out.

The hotel staff swiftly rushed over and shouted at Third Elder and his group, Who in the world are you? We’ve already called the police!”

“Called the police?” Third Elder snorted. “I’m glad you called the police! I’d like to see who will end up worse off:

“Call the police? Call what police? Who told you to call the police?!” Huang Mingkun broke out into curses while pointing at the hotel staff.

If the police really came, there really wouldn’t be any leeway left… These people’s charges wouldn’t be enough to warrant a detainment, but this affair

involving him and Liang Meixuan would definitely be divulged and photos and videos would be…

Sweat drenched Huang Mingkun’s body. They absolutely couldn’t call the police!

“Mr. Huang… Madam Liang… This…”

The hotel staff looked at Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan with incomprehension.

This is unrelated to you. Scram: Huang Mingkun ordered while impatiently waving his hand.

“Um… Alright then. We probably didn’t obtain a clear understanding of the situation. Our sincerest apologies for disturbing everyone:

The hotel staff could only leave.

After they left, Third Elder looked at Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun and mockingly said, “Steward Huang, Madam Liang, this way, please… Well go see our boss and discuss whether Steward Huang will pay back the money or have these reporter friends expose your affair:

Huang Mingkun gnashed his teeth. “Get out first and let us finish dressing:

Third Elder nodded. “Sure, well wait until you’re dressed. Remember not to play any tricks:

Third Elder then led everyone out of the room.

A moment later, Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan walked out of the presidential suite, neatly dressed.

“Heh, Steward Huang, Madam Liang, let’s go: Third Elder chuckled darkly.

“Which casino are you from? How much money do I owe you? I’ll transfer the amount directly to your boss, so I wont be coming with you: Huang Mingkun retorted coldly.

As he was the steward of the Ye family, Huang Mingkun naturally wasn’t an idiot. He didn’t know these people’s identities at all, so he couldn’t believe them based on their mere word alone.

Seven Star and Big Dipper met each other’s

eyes. This old thing wasn’t too stupid… Wouldn’t Third Elder’s scheme be useless then…?


A second later, Third Elder held a dagger to Liang Meixuan’s neck and smiled. “Steward Huang, Madam Liang, Fm just someone else’s employee. Its difficult to say what might happen if you two wanted to make things hard on me…” 0

Seven Star: “…” Big Dipper: “…” All their doubts dissipated…

“Y-you…” Liang Meixuan’s face turned ashen, and she didn’t dare to move a


“What about me? Let’s go:

Third Elder smiled and pushed Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun into the elevator.

After leaving the hotel, Big Dipper and Seven Star entered their rented vehicle like chicks.

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