Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1751 - We’re reporters

Chapter 1751: We’re reporters

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“Your creditor.” Third Elder released a dark chuckle.

“My creditor?”

Huang Mingkun sounded surprised. When did I have a creditor…?

Before Huang Mingkun could figure it out, Third Elder turned to an elite member and ordered, “Kick the door open!”

The elite member kicked obediently.

A loud bang was heard a second later, and the door to the presidential suite was kicked open.

Behind the door, Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun were scrambling to dress with panic on their faces.

“Film it! Film everything! Photos, videos, everything!” Third Elder commanded at once.

All the Fearless Alliance members, including Seven Star and Big Dipper, swiftly took out their phones and started madly taking photos.

“You… Where the f*ck are you from? What’s your objective?!” Huang Mingkun harshly shouted at Third Elder.

Third Elder didn’t answer him at all and jeered instead. “D*mn! Truly d*mn! The Ye family’s Steward Huang and… isn’t this the Ye family’s Madam Liang, Liang Meixuan…?”

“Sh*t! A big scoop!” Big Dipper hastily dashed forward and pointed at them.

Liang Wanjun’s expression wavered between red and white.

Who in the world were they and why had they stalked them…? To blackmail them or…

“You’re asking for death!” Huang Mingkun harshly glared at Third Elder.

“Asking for death?” Third Elder darkly chuckled. “Huang Mingkun, you, a steward of the Ye family, actually has this kind of illicit affair with Liang Meixuan. I wonder who’s asking for death… These are entertainment reporters, so you can wait for your death!”

“Entertainment reporters?”

Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan’s expressions simultaneously changed when they heard that.

If these people really were entertainment reporters and their affair was exposed, the consequences would be inconceivable!

This would have an enormous impact on not only them but also Emperor Sky Entertainment and Ye Yiyi…

“Who the heck are you?!” Huang Mingkun stared at Third Elder.

He could swear to the heavens that he absolutely didn’t know this elderly man and had never seen him before…

“Who am I?”

Third Elder snorted. “Huang Mingkun, don’t you remember the extent of money you lost when you gambled at our casino previously and how you haven’t paid it off yet? Not only that, but you borrowed a large sum from our company then decided to go missing on us? Repaying debts owed is a principle of this world… What, don’t you know this?”

Third Elder had been following Huang Mingkun lately and knew Huang Mingkun had a fond love of gambling and often went to gamble almost every other day. Additionally, he owed quite a bit of money to one of the casinos.

“You…” Huang Mingkun looked at Third Elder. He did owe a few casinos money, but which casino would be so tactless and dared to make trouble for him?

“What? There’s nothing we can do about the fact that you owe us money, so we had no choice but to lead these reporters here to expose you. Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect you to take such a gamble and get yourself mixed up with Madam Liang!” Third Elder mocked.

“Take more photos! This is a giant scoop and it’s an exclusive… Emperor Sky Entertainment and the Ye family is going to be the talk of the country!” Big Dipper exclaimed.

“Whose reporter are you?! Do you all want to die?!” Liang Meixuan maliciously questioned while pointing at Big Dipper.

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