Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1750 - Hand them over to me

Chapter 1750: Hand them over to me

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The next few days, First Elder and Third Elder made up one team while Seven Star and Big Dipper made up a second team, and they monitored the Ye residence nearly 24/7. As long as Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun stepped out of the Ye residence, they would follow and take photos and record videos.

Seven Star even snuck into the Ye residence and photographed and filmed some of their actions in the Ye residence.

However, Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun behaved very properly inside the Ye residence and acted no different from any master-servant pair, so they couldn’t find any dirt on them.

As time elapsed and Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting’s court date drew closer, they still didn’t have any substantial evidence that could prove Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting’s innocence.

Ye Wanwan had informed First Elder, Third Elder, and the other two of this matter before coming to China, so they all knew about it and didn’t delve into the matter.

On one certain day, Third Elder sought out Ye Wanwan.

“President, we can’t continue like this. Stalking and filming rely only on luck, and luck is too vague and uncontrollable,” Third Elder said to her.

Ye Wanwan nodded and looked at him. “Then what do you think we should do, Third Elder?”

“If you believe in me, President, leave this matter to me… I’ll definitely provide the information and answer what you want, President,” Third Elder replied.

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then.”

With Ye Wanwan’s permission, Third Elder’s apprehension dispersed.

That night, Third Elder summoned a group of elites from the Fearless Alliance and had Seven Star and Big Dipper perch outside the Ye residence.

About three days later, Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun visited the hotel again.

“Third Elder, what should we do?” A member turned to Third Elder.

Third Elder chuckled but didn’t respond. Instead, he led everyone into the hotel.

Third Elder stopped in front of the front desk. He looked at the receptionist and asked, “Which room did that couple go into just now?”

“You are?”

The receptionist cautiously looked at Third Elder.

“No need for you to know,” Third Elder impatiently retorted.

“My sincere apologies, but we can’t provide our guest’s information to you, including the guest’s room number,” the receptionist said.

“Third Elder… I saw those two old things go up to the 31st floor. I remember that there’s only a presidential suite on the 31st floor; there aren’t any other suites,” Big Dipper interjected at this moment.

After learning of their room number, Third Elder sneered and waved his hand. “Let’s go.”

The receptionist panicked and rushed out from behind the reception desk, blocking Third Elder and his group. “You can’t do this! Leave the hotel before taking care of any business you have or else we’re going to call the police!”

Third Elder glanced at the receptionist. “Little Miss, I won’t cause trouble for you, so call the police as you said.”

Then Third Elder led his group into the elevator and directly went to the 31st floor.

Third Elder stood outside the presidential suite and knocked on the door. “Huang Mingkun, come out and open the door.”

After a series of knocks, Huang Mingkun’s wary voice finally drifted from inside the room. “Who is it?!”

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