Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1753 - Interested

Chapter 1753 Interested

Third Elder led Big Dipper and Seven Star into the same vehicle while the remaining elite members were separated into several cars and followed behind them. 0

“Just… just who are you?!”

A foreboding feeling enveloped Huang Mingkun as he asked Big Dipper and Seven Star.

“Didn’t we tell you who we are? Entertainment reporters;’ Big Dipper countered with a chuckle.

“Impossible!” Huang Mingkun shook his head. You absolutely cant be reporters!”

“Oh… How are you so certain we aren’t reporters?” Big Dipper was curious. His acting was clearly fine, so how could this old thing see through it?

“I’ve never seen reporters shooting photos with their phones!” Huang Mingkun snapped.

A realization dawned on Big Dipper. All of them held phones the whole time after entering the room…

They had acted a bit unprofessional! Darn!

Not bad, old thing. You’re kind of clever!” Big Dipper praised with a snicker.

Liang Meixuan’s face turned ashen. What were these people’s intentions? Did they

want to extort money?

It wouldn’t be too troublesome if they just wanted money…

“Just what do you want? Where are you taking us? Do you want money or something else?!” Liang Meixuan asked them.

Big Dipper looked at her with irritation. “Stop asking questions. You’ll find out when we get there:

Soon, the car stopped in front of a remote cabin.

Seven Star and Big Dipper each grabbed a person and threw the pair into the house.

Soon, elites from the Fearless Alliance also arrived.

Inside the dim room, Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun’s limbs were all tied.

“Heh… I invited you two here today merely to ask something: Third Elder sat down on a sofa and looked at the tied-up pair with a smile.

“What… just what do you want? If you want money, name a price!” Huang Mingkun shouted fiercely.


The corners of Third Elder’s lips curled into an icy smile. To be honest, Brother Huang, I really don’t lack money. I already told you

that the reason I invited you two here today is simple. I simply want some useful information from your mouths:

Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan met each other’s eyes. An ominous feeling continued to creep into their hearts for some reason.

These people looked very foreign to them, so they definitely hadn’t seen these people before but these people went through such great efforts to abduct them here… Just

what information did they want…?

“I’m telling you… We have a good relationship with higher-ups in Hongxing Gang. You must’ve heard of Hongxing Gang, right… I think we must have some

misunderstandings between us. Tell us any demands you have. If this matter escales too much, it wont go well for not only us but also you:

Huang Mingkun turned to Third Elder and tried to negotiate in a friendly manner.

“Heh… We don’t know the Hongxing Gang you’re referring to nor are we interested in knowing about them. Instead, were rather interested in the death of Madame Liang’s husband, Ye Shao’an,” Third Elder said in good humor.

The pair’s expressions instantly changed.

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