Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1740 - Gong Xu’s manager

Chapter 1740: Gong Xu’s manager

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Yao Jiawen snorted with ridicule. “Heh, Best Actor Gong seriously keeps Director Ye in mind constantly? May I ask where your precious Director Ye went when the company was backed into a wall? Where was she when the company was acquired?

“You’re right—I don’t need to be mentioned in the same breath as her because she’s nothing but a stray dog! What right does she have to be compared to me? If she returned to the company now, she wouldn’t even be worthy of holding my shoes for me!”

Gong Xu felt a ball of rage and frost engulfing his eyes, and he stressed every word carefully: “Yao Jiawen, I dare you to say that again! Did your f*cking conscience get eaten by a dog? If it weren’t for Brother Ye back then, you would’ve already packed up your bags and returned to the fields to be a farmer! Now, you’re actually paying a favor back with revenge? You can’t even measure up to a f*cking dog!”

Yao Jiawen’s eyes darkened. “Heh? I’m paying back a favor with revenge? Back then, Ye Wanwan merely gave me an assistant position like she was dismissing a beggar! Everything I possess today, I worked for myself! I have a clear conscience!

“You, however, wake up! Do you think the Age of Immortals is a place you can throw a tantrum however you want? You have to shoot today’s scene whether you want to or not!”

Yao Jiawen then shot a look at the side.

Several burly men emitting a conspicuous savage aura promptly entered the hall.

Yao Jiawen snorted. “Would you rather start shooting obediently or have someone lend you a helping hand? It’s your choice, but I’m advising you to obey me nicely. Don’t do things the hard way!”

Gong Xu’s entire body was drowning in a violent fury, and he shoved the video camera over. “Scram! Shoot it yourself if you want to!”

Yao Jiawen nonchalantly said, “You won’t shoot it? Sure! If you won’t, I can find someone else! How about I add a scene for Jiang Yanran? After all, the effects of a female artist shooting this are much better than a male artist!”

“Yao Jiawen, f*ck your grandfather!” Gong Xu charged up to punch her but was pulled back by Dong Zai.

He could disregard his own wellbeing and shatter the fish tank, but these people had no bottom line and were willing to do anything.

He previously heard that a celebrity accidentally verbally offended a boss from Hongxing Gang and their corpse was discovered by the riverside in the suburbs the next day.

And last time Jiang Yanran was kidnapped, she would’ve nearly gotten bullied if they hadn’t arrived in time…

Yao Jiawen naturally detected Gong Xu’s apprehension and ordered with a smile, “Alright then, let’s stop wasting time. Begin!”

Gong Xu’s eyes were like that of an enraged bull as he icily glared at Yao Jiawen. He lay his fingers over the collar of his dress shirt before ripping it, sending buttons flying everywhere. He forcefully yanked off his shirt onto the floor.

The director excitedly ordered the lights and camera crew to make preparations, and they started shooting.

“Continue, continue! Strip everything and lie down in the bathtub! Then Jingjing will sit on top of Gong Xu…” the director instructed.

Gong Xu’s face froze as he stared at the eager nobody, his expression black as tar.

When he met Yao Jiawen’s threatening gaze, he took a deep breath and continued to strip.

Just as Gong Xu placed his fingers over his icy belt buckle and loosened it, a loud “BANG!” rang.

The large iron doors of the set suddenly collapsed from a kick.

Everyone jumped in fright and turned to look at the entrance.

There was a tall and slender figure standing in the doorway, light radiating from behind them with their leg still in a kicking position. When the person saw everyone looking over, they slapped off the nonexistent dust from their shoulders and retracted their leg.

“Who are you? What are you doing?!” the director shouted furiously.

Since the girl was standing with the light behind her, her face was hazy. All that was heard was an icy but languid and clear voice reverberating in the set, “Apologies for disturbing everyone. I am… yes… I am Gong Xu’s manager.”

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