Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1739 - Isn’t worthy of being mentioned in the same breath

Chapter 1739: Isn’t worthy of being mentioned in the same breath

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Currently, the set of the film A Carnal Night had a tense atmosphere, and the scent of gunpowder permeated the air.

Next to Gong Xu were a tipped chair and the shattered pieces of a cup he knocked over. “Yao Jiawen! This isn’t what you said when you coaxed me into signing the contract for this film! I can tolerate you using those crude methods for publicity, but now, you actually want me to strip and shoot that kind of thing? Just to support a nobody?! Who do you think I am?”

The female lead of this film was the lover of some leader in Hongxing Gang and a minor, unpopular artist. She was currently signed to the Age of Immortals and personally managed by Yao Jiawen.

If this was before, Gong Xu wouldn’t mind acting in this kind of film.

But now, Brother Ye exerted so much effort just to lift him into this position and help him change his genre, so how could he tolerate this kind of vulgar and low-quality film and ruin their efforts?

Yao Jiawen was sitting in a leather chair with a cup of coffee in hand, unconcerned about Gong Xu’s rage. “You’re too naive, Gong Xu. Which high-earning person in the industry doesn’t do this?

“You wasted so much time and energy shooting a film without a market. So what if you used it to win Best Actor? The profit that it brought is far inferior to you stripping your clothes and revealing some skin!

“Ye Bai’s self-righteous method of blindly pursuing expertise and acting skills doesn’t suit this industry at all and she should’ve been eliminated ages ago.”

It had only been a few mere months, but all traces of Yao Jiawen’s original simple and frugal appearance had disappeared from her body.

Her outfit could hold a candle to the outfits of some artists and celebrities—there was a luxurious bracelet around her wrist and a Chanel couture outfit enveloping her body. There was also a personal assistant waiting on her tail, and she completely resembled a golden manager, confidence leaking through her every word.

The director and producers next to her all bobbed their heads zealously and fell over themselves to lick her boots. “CEO Yao is brilliant!”

“CEO Yao’s words are incredibly insightful! Ah, Gong Xu, didn’t we all enter this industry to earn money? Why must you jeopardize your earnings? CEO Yao is doing this for your own good!”

Immense satisfaction filled Yao Jiawen as she listened to these renowned producers and director, who she wasn’t even qualified to look at before, all eagerly parroting her.

She might’ve felt a little guilty allying with Ye Yiyi before, but after being a golden manager and the company’s CEO for several months, that tinge of guilt had been stomped to nothing underneath her feet.

Both she and Ye Bai were managers, so why should Ye Bai thrive while she could only act as a lackey?

In this industry, you had to be unscrupulous to rise above everyone else anyway! She couldn’t be faulted!

She absolutely didn’t want to return to her original groveling and currying life…

Now, even the arrogant and bossy Gong Xu was a puppet to her wishes!

Gong Xu stared at the woman before him and sneered. “Yao Jiawen, stop freaking dirtying this young master’s ears! Who the heck do you think you are? Do you really think you’re my manager? Who gave you the nerve to think you’re worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as my Brother Ye?”

When Yao Jiawen heard that, her calm and graceful mask instantly shattered, a storm rolling into her eyes.

After gaining control of the company, her biggest taboo was being compared to Ye Bai!

What she loathed the most was these people mentioning Ye Bai at every twist and turn!

When clearly the Age of Immortals belonged to her now and she was their manager now!

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