Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1738 - Because of trust

Chapter 1738: Because of trust

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Jiang Yan nearly wanted to commit suicide from intense self-reproach. If he protected his Lord better, that vixen wouldn’t have been able to exploit his weakness!

Lin Que looked like he expected it though. “OK! Understood. I’ll arrange it immediately!”

Si Yehan was at his wits’ end due to that girl pressing closer and closer and almost couldn’t conceal his identity anymore, but that girl just happened to return to China at this time. He merely needed to arrange for someone to pretend to be Lord Asura in the Independent State and return to China to recover his identity as Si Yehan, and he could dispel her suspicions…

The next morning:

Seven Star delved into everything that happened at the Age of Immortals after Ye Wanwan left that very night before giving the report to Ye Wanwan.

“Sis Feng, I’ve finished looking into the matter concerning the acquisition; it’s not that simple. Although the Age of Immortals’ situation wasn’t optimistic, it wasn’t at the point of needing to sell the company. Even when Emperor Sky gave a fairly high purchase price and exerted both gentle and forceful methods, Han Xianyu and the others didn’t acquiesce.”

Ye Wanwan kept tapping the glass surface of the side table with her finger. “Continue.”

In truth, Han Xianyu, Luo Chen, Gong Xu, and Jiang Yanran’s acting skills were superb, and Ye Wanwan didn’t catch anything amiss due to flaws in their acting skills.

It was because of trust.

She trusted that they wouldn’t sell the company and trusted that they would have the capability.

However, the result didn’t match her expectations at all, so something else had to have gone wrong.

Hence, she ordered Seven Star to investigate the matter.

Seven Star continued, “According to my investigation, your cousin and second aunt had secret intimate contact with people from the Hongxing Gang these past few months. After you left, Yao Jiawen acted as the manager of Jiang Yanran, Gong Xu, and Luo Chen and was rather trusted.

“Hence, they bribed Yao Jiawen and made her cooperate with people from the Hongxing Gang from the inside to avoid the bodyguards and kidnap Jiang Yanran. Then they threatened the others using Jiang Yanran, and they had no choice but to comply with Emperor Sky’s acquisition.”

Ye Wanwan’s expression darkened instantly.

Never would she have expected that she would still underestimate the shamelessness of Huang Mingkun and the mother-daughter duo in the end.

She didn’t expect them to use such a vulgar method!

What chilled her heart more was Yao Jiawen’s betrayal…

Yao Jiawen was someone she unearthed and taught hand over hand. She passed her knowledge to Yao Jiawen without holding back and even entrusted her with her most important artists before leaving.

To her surprise…

Big Dipper sprang up with righteous indignation. “D*mn! Hongxing Gang what? I’ve never heard of them! They dared to kidnap my goddess?! F*ck their a**!”

“They’re an organization that originated from Harbor City and currently has influence in China and the Asia region,” Seven Star expressionlessly explained.

Ye Wanwan had naturally heard of the Hongxing Gang before. They were rather powerful indeed and had a deep background.

However, if an underground syndicate like Hongxing Gang was thrown into the Independent State, they would basically be no different from children playing house. Let’s not even compare them to the Fearless Alliance, which struck terror into everyone in the Independent State.

“Give me the upcoming schedules of those four,” Ye Wanwan requested.

Seven Star conducted his assignment to satisfaction and looked into that already, so he quickly sent a document to Ye Wanwan’s phone.

Ye Wanwan skimmed through the schedules before focusing on Gong Xu’s schedule that day.

The name of the film that Gong Xu was going to shoot today looked familiar. It seemed to be the film claimed to use explicit scenes to catch viewers’ attention…

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