Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1737 - Want them to sleep together once

Chapter 1737: Want them to sleep together once

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The Independent State:

A certain simple European style manor was under tight security.

If someone knew who was meeting inside this manor today, they would be ashen from terror.

It was the organization Prison, which had receded after many years of seclusion. Its core members; the three leaders of Asura, Heavenly Hatred, and Slaughter’s Gate; were meeting for the first time since they disbanded many years ago.

Jiang Yan and Lin Que silently stood guard outside the door.

As the sky dimmed and dusk settled upon them, Jiang Yan’s phone suddenly started ringing.

Jiang Yan slowly walked to the side to accept the call.

“What did you say?”

The person on the other end said something, causing Jiang Yan’s expression to darken with a swish.

“Keep watching carefully!”

After placing that order, Jiang Yan hung up.

Lin Que, who had kept himself disguised ever since he learned Ye Wanwan came to the Independent State, glanced at Jiang Yan. “What is it? Why do you look like you ate sh*t?”

Jiang Yan furiously responded, “Bai Feng left the Independent State!”

Lin Que raised his eyebrows. Ehhh? Ye Wanwan left the Independent State?

Wasn’t that girl recently racking her brain to uncover Si Yehan’s little alias? Why did she suddenly leave the Independent State?

“Where did she go?” Lin Que asked reflexively.

Jiang Yan angrily answered, “China! She accepted that trashy mission regarding the elimination of defected mercenaries! It will take at least a month or two to complete it, but it might take three to five months! That mission is nowhere as simple as she imagined, and she might even lose her life. The ignorant are seriously fearless!”

“Heh? Don’t you rather dislike her? What, wouldn’t it be good if she lost her life?” Lin Que asked with a snicker.

“I don’t care if she lives or dies, but my Lord is poisoned by the love gu and will definitely die in three months without an antidote! The antidote hasn’t been discovered yet, so if she dies before that, my Lord…”

Lin Que nodded in understanding. “So you want her to sleep with him once to cure the poison?”

Jiang Yan’s expression stiffened, and a suspicious flush crawled up his neck. “You’re dreaming!!!”

Lin Que clicked his tongue while shaking his head. Look at how Jiang Yan treated Ye Wanwan like a ferocious beast and was afraid she’d tarnish his Lord. If he discovered she’d corrupted and slept with his Lord already, Lin Que wondered how he’d react…

However, that girl actually returned to China? Did that mean…

Lin Que’s eyes glinted, but his contemplation was disrupted by the door finally opening.

A slender male figure wearing a vintage Victorian-style suit as black as the night slowly walked out, his stunning face covered in frost.

“My Lord!” Jiang Yan and Lin Que immediately went up to receive him.

Jiang Yan appeared as if he wanted to say something as he looked at his Lord.

Lin Que didn’t have any scruples though and frankly said with a smile, “Good timing. I have good news for you.”

Good news?

Lord Asura glanced at Lin Que aloofly.

Lin Que grinned. “That girl accepted Scarlet Flames Academy’s A-rank mission to capture defected mercenaries and ran back to China.”

The man’s pupils contracted, and he spoke without thinking a second later. “Arrange a trip to China.”

Jiang Yan’s eyes shot open in disbelief when he heard that.


My Lord actually wants to go to China the second he hears that woman’s in China?! What does this mean?

Is my Lord truly going to surrender and use that degrading method to cure the gu poison?

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