Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1741 - Ye Bai is back

Chapter 1741: Ye Bai is back

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Gong Xu’s manager?

Everyone was taken aback by the newcomer’s words.

Isn’t Yao Jiawen Gong Xu’s manager?

Yao Jiawen was sitting right there, so where did this person claiming to be Gong Xu’s manager pop up from?

Next to Yao Jiawen, her assistant furiously yelled, “Nonsense! Our CEO Yao is sitting right here. Who the heck are you? How dare you impersonate CEO Yao! You must be here to make trouble!”

“That’s right! Who are you? Why are you trespassing on a set?!”

“Where’s security? What the heck are they doing?”

In the midst of everyone’s furious outrage, Ye Wanwan walked inside without regard for anyone, Seven Star and Big Dipper trailing behind her.

Lights were blasting on the set, so everyone finally saw the newcomer’s face clearly when she left the shadows.

The boisterous set quieted like a mute button was abruptly pressed.

Sound was stolen from everyone as they stared at the girl who entered with astonishment and disbelief all over their faces.

“Dir—director… Director Ye…”

“Ye Bai!!!”

“D*mn! Why is she back?!”

Although the entertainment industry experienced extremely rapid change, there wasn’t anyone present who didn’t recognize this girl.

This was a mere brand-new manager who succeeded in making Luo Chen popular as soon as she debuted, who then signed on Gong Xu, and was the mastermind behind clearing up Han Xianyu’s scandal.

She managed to revive Dazzling Media single-handedly, create the Age of Immortals after leaving Dazzling, and produce two Best Actors and one Best Actress in last year’s Golden Orchid Awards within a year of the company’s establishment.

As her name and reputation swept throughout the industry, news of the second miss of the Ye family crossdressing as a man was exposed…

Her brilliant resume couldn’t be replicated by anyone! She was a legend in the entertainment industry!

After she disappeared for many months, everyone nearly forgot about her existence and thought she wouldn’t return to the country anymore.

To everyone’s surprise, she suddenly showed up here in front of them…

“How… how is that possible…” Yao Jiawen’s gloating expression vanished without a trace, and the color drained from her face. She shot up, shoving her chair back in the process.

Ye Bai…

Ye Wanwan…

That woman is actually back?!

“Heavens! Is that Ye Bai, is that Ye Bai???”

“It is, it is! I’ve seen her in female clothes! She’s still so handsome in female clothes, ahhhhh!”

“D*mn! I might become crooked!”

“Brother… Brother Ye…” Gong Xu stood in his spot in a daze, unable to believe what he was seeing.

He knew Ye Wanwan was overwrought with anxiety from her father and brother’s situation, and they managed to deceive her yesterday, so he never would’ve expected Ye Wanwan to suddenly show up.

The sentence “I’m Gong Xu’s manager” caused an ache to grip his heart.

Ye Wanwan glanced at Seven Star, extending her hand out toward him.

Seven Star understood immediately and unzipped his jacket, swiftly taking it off to hand to her.

Then Ye Wanwan tossed his jacket toward Gong Xu.

Gong Xu’s eyes reddened the second he caught the black jacket. “Brother Ye… I knew… I knew you’d come and pick me up while riding a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds one day…”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. What the heck was up with “riding a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds”?

Gong Xu wanted to pounce enthusiastically toward Ye Wanwan as usual but was blocked by Seven Star again.

“Dress yourself,” Ye Wanwan ordered.

Gong Xu sniffed and was immensely moved as he stared at the jacket in his hands. “I don’t like this color… I like his more!”

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