Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 174: Embrace the golden thigh

Chapter 174: Embrace the golden thigh

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"Thank you, Ruo Xi. The bangle is beautiful," Ye Wanwan closed the box and acted like she didn't understand the value of it.

"As long as you like it," After Qin Ruo Xi was done with her, she turned to Si Ye Han.

When she looked at Si Ye Han, her initial formal and cold attitude was suddenly much warmer and her gaze turned gentler as well, "Ye Han, I've settled the issue over at Shen City, I'll talk over the details with you tonight."

"Thanks," Si Ye Han said indifferently, as he retracted his gaze from Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan's expression was strange when she looked at Qin Ruo Xi just now.

"Are you just saying that or are you really grateful?" Qin Ruo Xi raised her brows.

Si Ye Han glanced at Xu Yi and he immediately brought out what he'd prepared beforehand--a bottle of exquisite wine.

Qin Ruo Xi's eyes lit up when she saw it, "The liquor that 7th brother fermented himself! I tried bargaining for it with an ancient medical scroll that was out of print and he refused! How'd you get it?"

"Xu Yi got it."

"You bullied Xu Yi again, always getting him to do these challenging tasks!"

Ye Wanwan stood silently next to Si Ye Han and watched as the two of them chatted away happily, closed off from all other people, including herself.

At this moment, Liu Ying's excited voice came from the door, " Ms Ruo Xi! When did you arrive?!"

Liu Ying's eyes brightened the moment he saw Qin Ruo Xi like his pillar of support had arrived.

Qin Ruo Xi smiled, "Not too long ago. I heard that you've recently learnt a boxing skill? Can you practice with me?"

"Sure!" Liu Ying nodded instantly.

"This mischievous monkey, finding someone to spar with the moment she's back; not womanly at all!" The old madam complained with an annoyed expression, but it was obvious that her loving tone held no blame at all.

The old madam must be disappointed with Si Ye Han's choice to choose me, a girl who appeared out of nowhere, instead of Qin Ruo Xi.

But it was better for Si Ye Han to be attached to someone, whoever it was, good or bad, over being single for years without being close to any woman at all.

The old madam headed back to the kitchen. Ye Wanwan followed Si Ye Han and sat down near the wooden table under the pergola.

Qin Ruo Xi had removed her coat and started sparring with Liu Ying.

Ye Wanwan slumped down on her chair and watched the reckless and confident figures of the two sparring.

During this first meeting, Qin Ruo Xi had given her a show of her strength.

From Si Ye Han to the old madam, to Xu Yi and Liu Ying; she was showing her sovereignty and letting Ye Wanwan know that there was no place for her by Si Ye Han's side.

It was like that in her previous life as well--Qin Ruo Xi didn't do any real harm to her but forced her to feel despair.

In Si Ye Han's world, she'd been all alone, isolated and without help.

However, it was also because she was too foolish in her previous life.

So what if Qin Ruo Xi bribed everyone around Si Ye Han? Ye Wanwan only needed to grab hold of one person and she'd be invincible.

Ye Wanwan propped her chin on her hand, looked at the golden thigh glistening next to her and murmured softly, "Si Ye Han, I want to eat some melon seeds~"

Si Ye Han felt something was amiss about Ye Wanwan just now, but before he could figure it out, it was gone.

He had started to size her up, but once he saw her acting coquettishly with her beautiful little face and a sweet smile, that nagging feeling seemed to just be his misperception.

Ye Wanwan shook his arm, "My arm hurts from all the homework I've done recently, could you peel them for me pleaseee~~~"

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