Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 175: Please feed me

Chapter 175: Please feed me

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People who practice martial arts have pretty good hearing and Liu Ying was no exception. Although he was sparring with Qin Ruo Xu, he heard Ye Wanwan's words loud and clear.

His moves suddenly messed up, and the anger that he'd suppressed previously finally boiled over, "How dare she?! She actually wants the master to do something like that?!"

Qin Ruo Xi stopped him without batting an eyelid, "Liu Ying, don't be rash!"

Liu Ying said angrily, " Ms Ruo Xi, even you are trying to stop me?! I've had enough today! How could you not be angry at all?"

Qin Ruo Qi looked distant and replied calmly, "With Ye Han's status, it's perfectly normal for him to have a few women by his side."

"Bu... But this woman is different!" Liu Ying rebutted anxiously.

Qin Ruo Xi's expression turned cold when she heard him, but she quickly regained her calmness, "How is she different? Liu Ying, remember this, she's not different at all; you don't have to take so much offence."

Liu Ying wanted to speak but kept silent in the end, though his heart wasn't entirely at peace.

How is she normal?!

The master actually peeled melon seeds for her; he peeled 78 of them!!!

How could his delicate hands be used to peel melon seeds?!

Most importantly, there has never been a woman by master's side but this good-for-nothing, amoral and trouble-causing woman was able to stay by his side for two whole years.

At first, he didn't care about this woman at all and only acted like the master found a playmate out of boredom.

Who knew that the master would actually bring her to meet the old madam?

The only person qualified enough for the master to introduce to the old madam was the future headmistress of the household.

Why did the master bring this kind of woman to meet the old madam?

Liu Ying was on the verge of exploding but on the other side, Ye Wanwan was watching as Si Ye Han peeled the melon seeds for her, one by one.

Those slender fingers forced open each melon seed swiftly and the kernels fell into an exquisite little white porcelain bowl; as he peeled more and more, he looked more and more... tempting.

It couldn't be helped; Heaven can be so unfair sometimes--some people can look so stunning just by peeling melon seeds.

Although she had no choice but to use him to survive, Ye Wanwan also felt that she was enjoying herself.

With this thought, everything seemed balanced.

Sensing her stare, Si Ye Han stopped what he was doing and lifted his head. He was met with the searing gaze of the girl.

Her pupils were glistening with "PLEASE FEED ME!" written all over them.

After seeing her fearful, indifferent, hateful expressions and considering the way she had shunned him for so long...

Her current expression was too moving and it tempted him...

Ye Wanwan was staring at the hands peeling the melon seeds at first, but when she noticed that they stopped moving, she looked up, unsatisfied.

Why did he stop? There's not enough yet...

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan to speak, a shadow was cast over her head and his thin lips slowly landed on hers with a tinge of warmth...

Ye Wanwan's eyes were wide open. She blinked and blinked, unsure what just happened.

At this moment, he said in a low voice with his lips close to hers, "Who allowed you... to look at me this way..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

What did I do...

What's wrong with my gaze...

I just wanted to have some melon seeds, that's all!

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