Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 173: Finally, they meet again

Chapter 173: Finally, they meet again

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She wants me to meet someone?

Someone whom the old madam wants to introduce me to specifically, who could it be?

Ye Wanwan stayed by the old madam's side with a look of suspicion.

They walked past the living room and entered the lawn. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared before her eyes without warning.

All she saw was in front of a few precious peony trees, stood a tall and slender silhouette.

The girl had curly chestnut-coloured hair. She wore a casual camel coat and didn't look very stunning yet was elegant and graceful. Every movement revealed grandeur and classiness that only a true aristocrat could exude. Even with the girl's elegance, the grimness between her brows matched up to a man's.

This was Imperial City's number 1 goddess—— Qin Ruo Xi!

She finally got to meet her again after such a long time following her rebirth.

The moment Ye Wanwan saw who it was, her pupils constricted and her instincts heightened her vigilance and guard as if she saw her arch enemy.

"Wanwan, this is my grandniece, Qin Ruo Xi. She's Little 9th's good friend as well!" The old madam introduced her with an incredible pride and arrogance.

Ye Wanwan's brain managed to cool down slightly as countless memories came flooding back.

Si Ye Han's late grandfather had a sworn brother called Qin Bing Song; Qin Ruo Xi was Qin Bing Song's granddaughter.

Qin Ruo Xi wasn't simply "Little 9th's friend" like how the old madam described.

She was Si Ye Han's right-hand person--someone at his side who was irreplaceable.

Whether in the company, family or secret service, Qin Ruo Xi was very highly regarded--almost everyone saw her as the future mistress of the household.

However, the person whom Si Ye Han wanted to marry previously was Ye Wanwan, not Qin Ruo Xi.

Although Si Ye Han was scary, women were still attracted to him since he was gentle at times. She was quite moved when he ignored all the objections to marry her and gave her the status of Mrs Si.

In her previous life, she'd thought about the marriage deeply. Since she couldn't change anything, she thought she should just compromise and live with the title.

But the reality of it made her heart grow bitterly cold, over and over again.

Judging by Qin Ruo Xi's abilities, she wouldn't hurt her directly because these lowly methods would only anger Si Ye Han. She only needed to speak a few words and there would be numerous people willing to get their hands dirty for her.

Liu Ying was one of those people.

Moreover, the mere presence of this woman was enough to force her into the corner and steal her thunder.

To Ye Wanwan, it wasn't the physical torture that was the scariest, but the psychological torture.

If Si Ye Han took away her freedom, this woman destroyed her personality and sense of self to the point that even if she occupied the glorified seat of Mrs Si, she lived like a canary, a puppet without any beliefs of her own.

Ye Wanwan quickly suppressed the surging current beneath her eyes and greeted her like normal, "Nice to meet you, Ms Qin."

The corners of Qin Ruo Xi's lips curled upwards like it was the perfect timing, "Call me Ruo Xi. So you're the Wanwan who grandma's been talking about! You're just as pretty as she described; Ye Han's really lucky! This is the first time we're meeting so here's a little gift."

Following that, a servant brought a delicate little box over.

It was a pair of jade bracelets. Crystal clear, full-coloured, glass jade. The current market price for this was about eight million and its appreciation would be quite considerable in the future.

She clearly knew that Ye Wanwan was Si Ye Han's girlfriend and Si Ye Han had even brought her to meet grandma already; there was no way Qin Ruo Xi didn't understand the meaning of all this.

However, her attitude from the beginning didn't show an ounce of jealousy at all.

This should be the kind of tolerance that a real wife must have!

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