Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 172: I'm just pure and innocent

Chapter 172: I'm just pure and innocent

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Upon hearing Si Ye Han choosing her without any hesitation, Ye Wanwan felt appeased and satisfied.

Si Ye Han grabbed her waist to prevent her from falling and spoke softly into her ear, "Are you done messing around?"

Did I just get caught for making trouble...

Ye Wanwan whined meekly, "Who asked Liu Ying to look at me like I'm a trouble-making vixen? I'm so pure and innocent..."

Pure and innocent?

Si Ye Han's gaze swept over her... Did she just say she's pure and innocent?

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly, feeling slightly abashed. She then pouted, "He doesn't like me, I hate him!"

"Don't provoke him," a tinge of warning lingered in Si Ye Han's tone.

Ye Wanwan gave a pained expression, "You're being totally biased!"

Si Ye Han slowly looked at her with his cold eyes, "I am, in fact, biased."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Fine, fine, I'll admit that Si Ye Han already gave me face and has been very giving to me.

"Anyway, it's an eye for an eye--if he glares at me again, I'm going to hurt his master! To anger him to death!" Ye Wanwan said.

Si Ye Han: "..."

As Liu Ying's master, Si Ye Han never expected to get dragged into Liu Ying's troubles for just being an innocent bystander.

Hm, should I give Liu Ying a raise then?

Shortly, the car arrived at the old house.

When they got out, Ye Wanwan met Liu Ying's gaze. As expected, his eyes were filled with a cold, murderous intent.

Ye Wanwan knew that a feud had been forged today.

But so what? There's a perfect gem, Qin Ruo Xi, in front of him anyway so no matter what I do, that guy will never like me.

I'm a trouble-maker and a pampered princess, so what?

In her previous life, she was most afraid of Si Ye Han. But aside from him, she was also terrified of these two killing machines by his side.

Each time he looked at her with his icy glare, she felt as if her flesh was being sliced into. She was also warned and threatened every two to three days and was surrounded by guards like she was a thief.

Even after being in Jin garden for so many years, even when Si Ye Han gave her the best of everything, she never felt like she belonged.

All the wrongs she'd suffered quietly all those years--she had to get revenge for all of them in this life.

Since I can't go back to being an innocent teenager anymore, what's the harm in acting like a demon this time around?

After they entered, the old lady saw that both Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han had arrived and a big smile spread across her face, "You're back!"

Si Ye Han: "Mhm."

The old lady looked at her precious grandson grumpily then pulled Ye Wanwan to her warmly, "Wanwan, come over quickly! Let grandma take a look at you!"

"Grandma!" Ye Wanwan called out to her sweetly.

It was no wonder that the old lady had a good impression of her; other than the fact that she didn't make any mistakes this time around, Ye Wanwan's look was very pleasing--both her appearance and temperament were very likeable.

She looked very gentle and obedient, simple and innocent--inciting people to let their guard down instinctively and dote on her.

"Not bad, thankfully you didn't become skinnier, it looks like you've gained some weight! You're still too skinny; you have to eat more!" The old madam pulled her in and scanned her up and down, nodding approvingly.

Ye Wanwan was really too skinny before, like she could be blown away by the wind. Recently, she managed to get some nourishment but as a whole, she was still a little skinny.

But with her appetite now, there was no doubt that she'd be fattened up in no time. Also, if she kept binging, she might even return to being as fat as before.

"Got it, grandma. I'll eat more."

"Good girl! Oh, right, grandma almost forgot. Wanwan, come, grandma wants you to meet someone!" The old madam brought her into the house with a wide smile on her face.

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