Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 171: Dignity

Chapter 171: Dignity

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At that moment, Ye Wanwan broke out in a cold sweat. This time, she had truly only hurt her enemy eight hundred times but hurt herself by a thousand!

There was nothing that could be done right now; she already pounced on him and could only keep going from there.

Ye Wanwan laid on his chest like a neglected concubine and whined, "I've been here for so long but you don't even care. What's so good about watching this? You've been looking at this the whole time; is it better looking than I am? Who's better-looking--me or this thing?"

These were truly the words of a trouble-making beauty.

The divider was able to block the visuals but not the sounds in the car. Liu Ying would probably be pissed to death when he heard that.

It was almost as if she could hear the gritting of teeth from the front.

In fact, Ye Wanwan was right.

Liu Ying had already unsheathed the sword that he usually brought with him, "This demonic woman!!!"

Even the words he bellowed were exactly the same as Ye Wanwan imagined.

Xu Yi quickly stopped him, lowered his voice and said nervously, "Keep it down! It's not your first day knowing about this--why are you still so rash?! What if master hears you?! Do you want to die?"

The teenager next to Xu Yi was so mad that his hair was almost on fire. How could he swallow this down? "This woman's been so weird lately; she obviously has bad intentions. Why is master so blind, not putting his guard up against her?"

Xu Yi hurriedly reassured him, "She's just a little silly girl, how much harm can she do? Don't worry!"

Liu Ying scoffed, "Tsk, what can she do? She did that on purpose just now! She did it on purpose for me to see! She's driving a wedge between 9th master and me!"

"What on earth do you mean by that? Don't make her sound like your love rival, alright? In any case, just stay calm. Even if she's a demon, do you think our master is a fool? What kind of person do you think he is?" Xu Yi said.

Hearing this, Liu Ying's anger slowly dissipated.

After all, Si Ye Han was a perfect god in his heart, how could he be a fool?!

However, the moment Xu Yi finished speaking, the two of them heard the master's hoarse and low voice coming from the back, "You're better looking."

Liu Ying: "..."

Xu Yi: "..."

Ye Wanwan didn't stop there, probably because she saw that Si Ye Han wasn't mad so she gathered her courage again.

Ye Wanwan shot a look towards the front of the car and continued questioning Si Ye Han, "Then what if one day... Liu Ying and I fell into a river, who would you save first?"

Liu Ying: "..."

Xu Yi: "..."

Uwaaagh! What kind of question was that? I've got to kowtow to Ye Wanwan for her courage!

I didn't think this woman would be scarier when she's submissive to the master than when she's disobedient and causing trouble!

The atmosphere was stagnant. After some silence, the man's voice finally travelled to the front, "Save you."

Liu Ying: "..." Where's my knife!!!

Xu Yi: "..."

At this moment, Liu Ying's expression was akin to a whiny wife and Xu Yi could almost see the black cloud of resentment emanating from the top of his head.

Afraid that Liu Ying would lose control and butcher Ye Wanwan, Xu Yi persuaded him urgently, "Liu Ying! Put your knife down, please calm down! The master still loves you! Master said that purely because you can swim and don't need his help at all! Let's not stoop to the level of that little demon! We must have dignity! Have some dignity!"

Xu Yi was busy trying to talk him out of it but suddenly, he realised that his tone was a little weird... like he's persuading a jealous lover...

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