Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1734 - About to curl into a ball from my mistreatment

Chapter 1734: About to curl into a ball from my mistreatment

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“No! I’m jealous! Brother Ye, the first person you sought out when you returned from abroad was actually Brother Xianyu!” Gong Xu complained, brimming with jealousy.

Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows and spoke matter-of-factly, “Isn’t that natural?”

“You’re awful, Brother Ye!” Gong Xu wanted to scratch her in anger but couldn’t find anything to retaliate. First come, first serve. There was nothing he could do about the fact that Brother Ye knew Brother Xianyu the longest and had the best relationship with him.

Ye Wanwan’s joking expression slipped off her face. “Was everyone fine while I was gone?”

In truth, she visited Han Xianyu first because she wanted to understand the company’s situation as fast as possible, so Han Xianyu was the most suitable option. She didn’t expect everyone to also be there, which was perfect.

As soon as Ye Wanwan asked that, Gong Xu’s grievances were about to erupt, and he wanted to unleash all of his bitterness.

Before Gong Xu could respond though, Luo Chen suddenly pinched his waist, eliciting a yelp of pain.

Sh*t! Blockhead! Why did you pinch me?

Gong Xu angrily glared at him.

Luo Chen didn’t even look at Gong Xu as though he wasn’t the one who pinched the man. Without revealing anything in his expression, Luo Chen answered, “Brother Ye, don’t worry. We’re all fine.”

Gong Xu though: D*mn! What do you mean fine?! How am I fine?! I’m about to curl into a ball from my mistreatment!

Before the Age of Immortals was acquired, who in the company would dare to mistreat him? He was the king of the mountain, the beloved pet of the group, the guardian treasure of the house!

Now? He was about to become a doormat!

Gong Xu was about to speak when he got pinched by Luo Chen again.

Ye Wanwan recalled the broadcast she saw when she was in the Independent State. “Emperor Sky Entertainment acquired the Age of Immortals?”

Luo Chen and the others’ expressions dimmed. It was Han Xianyu who answered. “I’m very sorry, Ye Bai. I wasn’t able to protect the company, but this was the best option under our circumstances.”

“The company suffered a great impact due to CEO Ye’s charge of homicide. Our chain of funds was broken and we faced bankruptcy. Although Emperor Sky’s acquisition was the same as looting a burning house, at least it saved the company and the company’s operations are rather stable with Yao Jiawen standing in for CEO Ye’s position.”

Han Xianyu’s expression turned calm toward the end of his explanation, his eyes carrying an innately soothing quality. It was as though the dust really settled and nothing bad happened.

It was as though this matter was peacefully resolved and they didn’t suffer any tyrannical and unfair treatment.

Ye Wanwan looked at Han Xianyu and the others with turmoil in her eyes. “Did Emperor Sky make things difficult for you?”

Jiang Yanran hastily replied, “Although the company was acquired, our status is undeniable, so they didn’t dare to do anything much to us.”

Based on Han Xianyu and Jiang Yanran’s explanation, allowing Emperor Sky to acquire the company was their own choice and the most suitable option at that time.

However… the reality was completely different.

How could they hand over the company they created with their own hands to their archenemy?

Back then, all of them resisted it to their deaths and tried to protect the company with everything they had. If they took a gamble, they might have been able to overcome this challenge since the company’s foundation was well built before Ye Wanwan left and they had amicable relations with people in the entertainment industry.

They watched as the company slowly improved, until… the power behind Emperor Sky Entertainment interfered!

The Hongxing Gang was the biggest mafia gang with the longest history in Harbor City with branches all over Asia; they had an unfathomable background. They only started stepping into the entertainment industry in recent years and used the industry to launder their money in large quantities.

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