Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1733 - What blanks are you blindly filling?

Chapter 1733: What blanks are you blindly filling?

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“You actually got a dog outside behind my back!!!”

Ye Wanwan’s eardrums were nearly pierced from the enormous sound wave that slammed into her face.

In the midst of Gong Xu’s breakdown, a head popped up from behind Ye Wanwan’s shoulder. Big Dipper blinked. “Eh? Dog? Where, where???”

Gong Xu blankly stared at Big Dipper’s face for a second before exploding on the spot. “You actually got two!!!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Enough already…

Seven Star was afraid of people in China hurting Ye Wanwan, so he didn’t want her going out by herself and followed her. As for Big Dipper, he heard he would be able to see his goddess and doggedly insisted on coming along.

If she knew it would turn into such a ruckus… she would’ve come on her own.

Even Luo Chen and the others were shocked at the sight of the two unfamiliar, eye-catching youths standing next to Ye Wanwan, let alone Gong Xu.

“Brother Ye, these two are…?” Luo Chen hesitantly asked.

Could they be artists newly taken in by Brother Ye?

This was everyone’s first thought.

After returning to China, Ye Wanwan fussed with even First Elder and Third Elder, let alone two excellent potentials, Big Dipper and Seven Star.

Out of habit, Ye Wanwan gave the duo a giant makeover, so their appearances could hold a candle to a celebrity’s and they emitted a very unique and distinctive aura. Their looks could easily cause misunderstandings.

Fei Yang’s eyes were shining as he inspected the two youths. “Director Ye, are they artists you picked up outside?”

Gong Xu still looked like a girl betrayed by her partner. “Brother Ye, you promised that you wouldn’t accept anyone aside from blockhead and me! Yet, you picked up two at once!”

Ye Wanwan exasperatedly said, “What blanks are you blindly filling?! These two are my friends, not artists I signed.”

“Friends…” Gong Xu’s eyes darted between Big Dipper and Seven Star, and he examined their faces for half a day before decisively announcing, “Their faces aren’t convincing at all!”

Ye Wanwan tousled Gong Xu’s birdnest hair with a dark expression. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but why haven’t you aged at all?”

Still so… childish…

When Gong Xu heard this, he got hooked onto a random point. His previous fury abruptly switched to happiness. “Of course! I take good care of myself!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

After a round of chaos, Ye Wanwan led Big Dipper and Seven Star inside the house.

“Wanwan…” Jiang Yanran hugged her with reddened eyes. “It’s great… I’m glad you’re fine, I’m glad you’re fine! We were all worried to death when you disappeared for so long!”

“Sorry, I ran into a problem and couldn’t contact you guys.”

“No worries, no worries. It’s good that you’re back.”

“Oh right, allow me to introduce you. These two are friends I met overseas, Big Dipper and Seven Star,” Ye Wanwan introduced simply.

“What unique names… Hello!” Jiang Yanran and the others all greeted them and introduced themselves. Only Gong Xu remained on high alert and looked at them from the corners of his eyes, displeased.

Big Dipper excitedly looked at Jiang Yanran. “Hello, goddess! I really met you in person! I’m your fanboy, goddess! Are you… are you really an artist under Sis F—Sis Ye?”

Seven Star merely nodded in greeting and relaxed when he saw Ye Wanwan’s familiar attitude toward these people. Big Dipper was a particular social butterfly and didn’t take long to familiarize himself with everyone.

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