Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1732 - Got a dog outside

Chapter 1732: Got a dog outside

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An oppressive silence enveloped the room following Gong Xu’s listless grumbling.

That’s right…

How could they not miss her…

That girl who was brilliant like the blazing sun.

It was as though she could accomplish anything she wanted and create miracles at any desired moment. It was as though they were invincible and every inch of darkness could be dispersed as long as she was there.

There was no doubt that she was the soul of the Age of Immortals in everyone’s hearts.

Fei Yang recalled that brilliant girl in his mind and sighed. “I’m afraid that this time… the Ye brother and sister are in a great mess… and are head over heels in their own troubles…”

Luo Chen asked, “Has Brother Ye contacted any of you recently?”

The people in the room all shook their heads.

Jiang Yanran looked grim. “I hope Wanwan is okay.”

No matter how fearsome and capable she was, she was just a girl inside. Her father and brother were both imprisoned, while her second uncle’s family developed a relationship with the mafia. It was uneasy enough for her to manage to protect herself. Having a lack of news was actually the best news possible.

Ye Wanwan had been missing for several months now. She disappeared into thin air without a trace, and they couldn’t contact her regardless of the method.

Some people said she embezzled funds and fled the country while others claimed she died…

Gong Xu suppressed the panic and worry in his eyes and furiously shouted, “That’s the person I took a liking to! There’s no way something bad would happen to her that easily! One day, my Brother Ye will come and pick me up while riding a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds!!!”

Ding dong!

At that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“I’ll open the door!” Xiao Qing hastily put down the clothes in her hands and dashed toward the front door.

“Who is it?” Xiao Qing opened the door and carelessly looked up. When she saw who it was, she became dumbstruck on the spot. “Brother… Brother… AHHH!!!”

Xiao Qing’s screeching successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

They all swiftly stood up and sprinted to the door, thinking it was those people coming to make trouble again.

“Xiao Wei! What happened?” Han Xianyu looked serious.

“B-brother Ye! Brother! It’s Brother Ye, ahhh!!!” Xiao Qing’s joyous screams nearly shattered the windows.

At the same time, the other occupants also reached the door and saw a girl in a casual black outfit standing at the entrance, looking like she had just returned from a journey.

“Ahem, baby~ I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about seeing me~” The girl chuckled softly upon seeing Xiao Qing about to faint from her excitement.

A second later, she looked up and saw the dumbfounded and astonished people standing by the hallway. “Hey, long time no see!”

It was still that stunning and gorgeous face, but someone seemed to have changed a little. She gave off an unfamiliarity at first, but a sense of familiarity returned to them full blast the second the girl opened her mouth with a faint smile. So familiar… that tears rushed to their eyes…

“Brother Ye!”


“Wahhhh!!! Brother Ye!!! I swear my mouth is freaking blessed! You really came to pick me up riding a trail of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds!” Gong Xu shoved Jiang Yanran and Luo Chen to the side and pounced on Ye Wanwan like a husky stripped free of his leash.

However, before Gong Xu could throw himself into Ye Wanwan’s arms, an apathetic youth swiftly stepped forward from behind her and blocked Gong Xu from approaching like a door guardian deity.

Gong Xu was taken aback at first before shock shattered him like he was struck by lightning. His face looked like he was a tragic wife who discovered her husband had an affair on the outside and looked like he was about to faint from heartache. “Brother Ye! You! You actually got a dog outside behind my back!!!”

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