Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1735 - Best Actor and Best Actress hurling their acting skills

Chapter 1735: Best Actor and Best Actress hurling their acting skills

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Emperor Sky Entertainment somehow hooked onto this connection, using the mafia’s status in the entertainment industry along with the Hongxing Gang’s power to force the sale of the Age of Immortals at a remarkably cheap price.

Their methods were extremely nauseating…

They bribed Yao Jiawen and used trust for Yao Jiawen to abduct Jiang Yanran and force Han Xianyu, who was managing the company in trust at that time, to sign an immensely unequal contract.

If Ye Wanwan knew the truth…

He couldn’t imagine what she’d do, considering her personality!

It would be too dangerous for Ye Wanwan to rashly involve herself in this tricky situation.

Those people had no concept of morals and ethics and completely disregarded the law.

Ye Wanwan’s circumstances were precarious enough already. Her father and brother were imprisoned still, and she was being targeted by the Ye family; they absolutely couldn’t allow her to endanger herself further due to the company.

No matter how fearsome she was, she was still a normal girl whose family was struck by disaster…

Han Xianyu, Luo Chen, and Jiang Yanran agreed on this point without any hesitation.

Gong Xu, who was too excited at the sight of Ye Wanwan, also swiftly understood.

His rage dissipated as he blinked and looked at Luo Chen, Jiang Yanran, and then Han Xianyu.

They stopped him from informing Brother Ye because they didn’t want her to risk herself…

Gong Xu pursed his lips and suddenly realized he was too impulsive earlier…

Gong Xu’s Best Actor skills were awoken instantly, and he cooperated with Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Actor Luo Chen, Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Actress Jiang Yanran, and international Best Actor Han Xianyu. He arrogantly exclaimed, “D*mn! Who am I? Who’d dare to make things difficult for us?! I’m the number one popular artist in the entertainment industry right now! They’re more likely to elevate me to an altar and burn incense for me every day!”

Han Xianyu glanced at Gong Xu, surprised at how cooperative he was.

However, Han Xianyu didn’t only have good acting skills—he also knew Ye Wanwan well and thought further. He knew she wouldn’t believe it if they sounded too fake.

Hence, he mixed some truth into the story. “Wanwan, I won’t lie to you. Yao Jiawen is now under Ye Yiyi’s control… People want to ascend higher, and people with different goals go their separate ways. We can’t fault her for that.”

“Thankfully, in consideration of our previous friendship, she treats us veterans passably, so we’re all doing relatively fine.”

Gong Xu’s intelligence also went online and matched Han Xianyu’s story. “That woman is too terrible! She actually splashed dirty water onto you to advance herself! But don’t worry, Brother Ye! We personally went to battle and dispersed the rumors and supported you fully. Plus, they don’t have proof, so it won’t impact you too much! The fans still believe in you!”

“That’s right, Wanwan, focus on handling Uncle Ye and your brother’s matter. Don’t worry about us,” Jiang Yanran comforted her.

The four of them cooperated with each other flawlessly like a well-oiled machine, and Fei Yang, Xiao-Qing, and Dong-Zai all stayed silent.

An imperceptible glint flickered through Ye Wanwan’s eyes as she listened to them. She laughed and said, “Then I’m reassured. I’m glad you’re fine. In truth, I’m the one who should apologize since it was my family’s mess that dragged the company down. Since the company has been acquired, focus on advancing your careers and try your best to erase your ties with my family…”

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