Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1718 - New Age

Chapter 1718: New Age

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The live broadcast continued.

Yao Jiawen swept her eyes over the audience and chuckled lightly. “I’m also very honored to join Director Ye’s Emperor Sky Entertainment. If it weren’t for Director Ye, the Age of Immortals might not have been able to persevere until now. We’re also very apologetic regarding the errors that our previous CEO, Ye Bai, committed…”

Whenever Jiawen mentioned the previous CEO of the Age of Immortals, Ye Bai, a commotion erupted in the venue.

According to Yao Jiawen’s explanation, Ye Bai embezzled all of the Age of Immortals’ funds and fled from China, erasing all her tracks and causing the Age of Immortals to be paralyzed like never before.

And the reality seemed to match her story. Ye Bai had disappeared for several months without any news.

“May I ask for your opinion on Ye Bai’s embezzlement of the Age of Immortals’ funds, CEO Yao?” a reporter asked her.

Yao Jiawen nodded and said, “This was an extremely selfish and irresponsible act that’s also a crime. Everyone knows that our CEO, Ye Mufan, was arrested due to a charge of homicide.

“And Ye Bai is Ye Mufan’s sister. Their father also has a criminal history and did the same thing… So perhaps this was the materialization of her criminal genes. I’m strongly condemning them here.”

“CEO Yao, it was Ye Bai who single handedly created the Age of Immortals and led it to brilliant heights. May I ask if you feel a great pressure in succeeding Ye Bai?”

Yao Jiawen shook her head with a smile. “You’re correct in that it was Ye Bai who single handedly created the Age of Immortals and accomplished some achievements; everyone bore witness to that. However…”

“I don’t think Ye Bai’s abilities are better than mine. Instead, I think Ye Bai relied more on luck than her personal strength. But I’m different. After Ye Bai embezzled all the funds from the Age of Immortals, I still managed to lead the Age of Immortals out of its predicament.”

“Ye Bai’s rise was merely a byproduct of the change in era. From today onward, I can nurture tens and hundreds more Ye Bais. Of course, the Ye Bais that I nurture absolutely won’t have any criminal genes.”

Veins bulged out of Ye Wanwan’s forehead, and a cold glint shone from her eyes. I truly raised an ingrate…

Big Dipper stared at the live broadcast and said with a vapid expression, “China’s entertainment industry is seriously messy—dogs biting dogs and ending up with a mouthful of fur… Sis Feng, what’s interesting about this? Get up and let me look at my goddess instead…”

Ye Wanwan immediately closed the live broadcast page.

Fine, great, wonderful…

Since she said Ye Bai carried criminal genes…

I’ll show them legitimate criminal genes when I get back!

“Stop looking. Go and tell Seven Star to make preparations. We’re heading to China immediately,” Ye Wanwan ordered coldly.

Big Dipper was startled by her words. “Sis Feng… So fast? I’m not ready yet… Can’t we wait two more days?”

Ye Wanwan nonchalantly glanced at him. “Do you think it’s better to look at your goddess through the internet or personally see your goddess in China?”

“Ah…” Big Dipper looked at her in surprise and slapped his thigh. “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that?! My goddess is in China! Sis Feng, you’re seriously too smart!”

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