Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1719 - Finally back

Chapter 1719: Finally back

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“However, I’ll be honest with you—your goddess has a boyfriend already,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Oh… I suddenly remember that I still have something to do,” Big Dipper replied pensively at once.

“There are many good-looking girls in China,” Ye Wanwan added.

“Ah… I remember now, I finished taking care of it all already. Sis Feng, I’ll go find Old Seven now.” Big Dipper then immediately left the room.

And so, that very day, Ye Wanwan led Seven Star, Big Dipper, First Elder, and Third Elder—who doggedly wanted to tag along—and a group of elites from the Fearless Alliance away from the Independent State and began their journey toward China.

They needed to transfer onto several flights in many countries to get from the Independent State to China, making it an extremely complicated journey.

However, with the Fearless Alliance’s finances, they managed to charter all of the flights, and the entire plane was solely comprised of people from the Fearless Alliance, so it was a fairly leisurely and peaceful journey.

No one had visited China before, so they were all very curious about China and completely treated this trip like a vacation.

To the elite members of the Fearless Alliance, this trip to China was simply a treat from their president!

Several days later, at an airport in China:

Back then, Ye Mufan and her dad encountered a mishap and Si Yehan suddenly disappeared, leading to both the Ye family and the Si family considering her as a thorn in their sides.

Hence, to avoid bringing harm to her mother, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to leave China temporarily and use that time to investigate her identity.

Now… she was finally back…

She had only been in the Independent State for mere months, but when she returned to China, being in China felt like a lifetime ago. Yet, it also gave her an incredibly familiar and endearing feeling.

Ye Wanwan pressed the sunglasses on her face before strolling forward.

She was returning to the country secretly, so she was wearing a face mask and sunglasses to avoid being recognized by fans.

She also slightly altered Seven Star and Big Dipper’s looks and made them change into stylish outfits popular in China.

Big Dipper was wearing a loose gold and blue baseball jersey with the recently popular large and exaggerated Chinese-style embroidery on the back matched with a pair of distressed jeans and white sneakers. Meanwhile, Seven Star was wearing a simple black hoodie with letters printed on it and sweatpants with red borders.

They were both dressed casually and stylishly but it completely transformed their styles. They made some fine-looking eye-candy indeed and attracted a higher percentage of head turns as they walked.

First Elder, who was wearing a casual red outfit and looked rather fashionable too, was rolling his suitcase and curiously surveying his surroundings along with Third Elder.

To avoid attention, Third Elder let the elite Fearless Alliance members roam freely and went to find a place to settle first.

Big Dipper inquisitively looked left and right and fired questions at Ye Wanwan nonstop the whole time, while Seven Star stayed focused on the spot ahead of them but instinctively observed the situation around them.

Inside the airport hall, Ye Wanwan turned and said, “I’m going to the restroom. Wait at that coffee shop for me.”

Seven Star replied, “Alright.”

Big Dipper exclaimed, “Me too, me too!”

After Ye Wanwan and Big Dipper went to the restroom, Seven Star sat down at the coffee shop and waited by himself.

He had his eyes closed to rest when he sharply detected gazes settled on him, so his eyes shot open.

What he saw was several girls nearby brazenly looking at him.

Not only did they not evade his gaze after detecting it, but they also started shrieking in excitement.

After the girls chattered for a moment, they actually walked toward him together.

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