Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1717 - Merely are a little good-looking

Chapter 1717: Merely are a little good-looking

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“Ah, this one is no good… That one is also no good… They’re merely a little good-looking…”

However, to Sis Feng, this point alone was enough…

Sis Feng was seriously Sis Feng—all the guys she liked were good-looking!

At that moment, Ye Wanwan had tuned Big Dipper out completely and was intently staring at the laptop screen.

There wasn’t much to comment about Han Xianyu since his strength and quality were laid bare, and Luo Chen was rather steady too, but he did surprise her by getting a girlfriend.

As for Gong Xu, what was there to say about him? After gaining enormous popularity in China, he started exposing his nature again. He was lazy and more diligent about changing his girlfriends than his undergarments. Moreover, he didn’t care about outside criticism and persisted in doing whatever he wanted.

If this continued, Gong Xu would probably meet his end. The most troublesome one was Gong Xu, and his manager likely couldn’t control him.

While Ye Wanwan was browsing this page, a window suddenly popped out.

She was instantly caught by the information in the window.

It was a live broadcast.

“Eh? Who’s this sister?” Big Dipper asked curiously as his gaze also landed on the live broadcast.

The woman in the broadcast had an extremely formidable aura and was wearing a bright red gown, her skirt dragging on the floor.

Her backdrop seemed to be at a banquet. When the woman appeared in her resplendent attire, she attracted everyone’s attention instantly.

The host ceremoniously began with a grin, “Yes… Today, Emperor Sky Entertainment will announce a piece of breaking news! Everyone should know about this piece of news already since it’s been wildly spreading lately… That’s right! Half a month ago, Emperor Sky Entertainment acquired the Age of the Immortals!”

Following the host’s words, many important figures in the entertainment industry looked at each other in surprise.

In the end, everyone stood up and started clapping.

“I’m very honored to become colleagues with everyone from the Age of the Immortals and happy that all the employees from the Age of the Immortals will join the big family of Emperor Sky Entertainment! I hope we can progress with Age of the Immortals hand in hand and create brilliance!” Ye Yiyi declared with an imposing aura, looking magnificent under the gaze of thousands of people.

“Great! Thank you for attending the banquet today, President Ye! Next, we will have the CEO of the Age of the Immortals come up. Yao Jiawen—CEO Yao!” the host announced cheerfully.

A young girl gracefully walked onto the stage.

When Ye Wanwan saw the girl’s face, she was startled.

She wasn’t a stranger to the girl the host called the CEO of the Age of the Immortals, Yao Jiawen.

Back in China, Ye Wanwan accidentally bumped into a girl, causing the girl’s documents to scatter all over the ground. When she helped the girl pick up the papers, she discovered the girl to be an unpopular manager.

She caught a glimpse of her CV and background and discovered that the girl was decently talented but was clumsy at social niceties, so she wasn’t doing well in the industry.

She cherished this talent, so she had Yao Jiawen apply at the Age of Immortals.

As she expected, Yao Jiawen was talented and produced a popular artist at the Age of Immortals. Ye Wanwan herself also looked after Yao Jiawen and trained her personally.

Now though, she hadn’t been in the Independent State for that long, so how did Yao Jiawen become the CEO of the Age of the Immortals…? Furthermore… she led the Age of the Immortals to join Emperor Sky Entertainment…?

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