Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1716 - My goddess

Chapter 1716: My goddess

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Big Dipper said it so nobly that she probably would have believed it if it weren’t for the portrait photos of a female celebrity opened on his browser.

“Oh… Understanding the culture and people, huh…? This is how you understand the culture and people?” Ye Wanwan stared at the female portraits on the webpage.

“The culture and the people! I’m understanding the people, nothing wrong with that!”

Then he ingratiatingly tried to bribe her. “Sis Feng, I spent a lot of money and effort just to connect to the external network! But you can use it, you can use it!”

Ye Wanwan happened to want to understand the current situation too, so she sat down in front of the laptop.

She was standing at a distance earlier, so she couldn’t identify the female celebrity. After getting closer, she surprisingly found the celebrity to be someone familiar, and her fingers on the mouse paused involuntarily.

“Sis Feng, this is my goddess! She’s pretty, right?” Big Dipper enthusiastically introduced her.

What surprised Ye Wanwan was that this female celebrity was actually… Jiang Yanran.

On the webpage was a set of portraits featuring Jiang Yanran, and in the photos, Jiang Yanran was dressed sexily and boldly. The level of explicitness was within an acceptable range, and shooting sexy portraits was a normal matter for female celebrities since sexy portraits could be shot classily and artistically too.

However, the set that Ye Wanwan was seeing was rather mediocre and evidently a bit vulgar…

No wonder she didn’t recognize these pictures earlier. These photos weren’t Jiang Yanran’s old style at all.

It appeared that after she left, the team started preparing to have Jiang Yanran switch styles?

Big Dipper proudly flaunted, “This is my goddess’ first time going the sexy route! It’s simply a treat for male fans!”

These photos worked quite well on fans like Big Dipper, so he naturally didn’t see what Ye Wanwan saw.

Big Dipper was joyously enjoying his goddess’ photos when the screen suddenly switched and Ye Wanwan started browsing something else.

“My goddess…” Big Dipper howled resentfully.

Big Dipper breached the wall rather well and the webpage loaded very fast. After Ye Wanwan typed in “Gong Xu,” a lot of related news and gossip articles popped up quickly.

Her face darkened as she skimmed the news and gossip articles.

After snatching the Best Actor award, Gong Xu’s reputation in the industry took a complete about-face and became a model of encouragement. However, how long had it been? He already reverted back to his original state.

Gossip about romance fluttered in the air, and the identity of his rumored girlfriend kept switching and switching, and even the photos that were shot were horrendous.

He recently accepted a film with a very eye-catching topic, and the producers announced that there would be explicit bed scenes in the film in an attempt to madly advertise it and entice curious audiences.

Ye Wanwan shook her head helplessly with a disappointed expression. As soon as this Gong Xu was left unrestrained, he acted like this.

Big Dipper disdainfully pursed his lips at the male celebrity in the news article. “No way, right, Sis Feng?! You actually like this type? He’s obviously a flirtatious pretty boy; I can tell from a single look!”

Ye Wanwan ignored him and continued to search for “Luo Chen” and “Han Xianyu”…

Han Xianyu’s development was rather steady, but what surprised her was Luo Chen. This child actually started dating, and his partner was a newbie in the industry whose popularity had been quite hyped up recently.

Big Dipper looked completely unsurprised as he watched Sis Feng continuing to search for news related to pretty boys. He kept making comments next to her.

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