Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1715 - R-rated Movie

Chapter 1715: R-rated Movie

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The more people she had, the faster she could amass her honor points and the sooner she could have the headmaster help her recover her memory!

Ye Wanwan was busy nearly the entire afternoon.

Since Ye Wanwan was Elder Gong’s beloved disciple, most mercenaries trusted her and didn’t request a down payment from her.

This afternoon, the A-rank mercenary from earlier brought two more people to her while the SS-rank mercenary also brought two more. These six people helped her accept a load of missions, nearly clearing all of the A-rank and SS-rank missions from the mission board.

After settling everything, Ye Wanwan headed to Elder Gong’s residence to bid farewell.

“You accepted the mission related to the defected mercenaries in China?”

Inside the living room, Elder Gong asked Ye Wanwan with a deep frown.

Ye Wanwan replied honestly.

Elder Gong looked at her solemnly. “Although you accepted this mission, it’d be best if you didn’t touch it. It’s not as simple as it looks.”

“Master, I’ll be careful. If it really doesn’t work out, I’ll give up,” Ye Wanwan promised.

She wouldn’t do something stupid beyond her abilities for honor points.

After saying goodbye to Elder Gong, Ye Wanwan reported her absence to Scarlet Flames Academy and left the campus the same day. She returned to the Fearless Alliance to make preparations for her trip to China.

The Fearless Alliance’s headquarters:

Ye Wanwan arrived at Big Dipper’s office and entered without knocking.

Big Dipper was holding his laptop and was entirely absorbed in whatever he was looking at without noticing her arrival.

Ye Wanwan walked behind Big Dipper and asked with a light chuckle, “Having fun?”

“Sis Feng, it’s you! F*ck! You scared me!”

Big Dipper nearly rolled off his chair from fright and hastily stuffed something from the desk into his blankets.

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. “What are you doing? You’re acting so sneaky!”

Big Dipper laughed dryly. “Haha… n-nothing…”

Ye Wanwan hooked her fingers at him. “Take it out…”

Big Dipper looked miserable. “It’s nothing, Sis Feng!”

“Are you watching some R-rated movie?” Ye Wanwan pensively studied him.

“Of course not! I… I’ll show you! But you have to keep it a secret or else it’d be a disaster if I’m discovered…”

Ye Wanwan was puzzled. What was it that made him so nervous?

As Big Dipper said that, he cautiously pulled out something from his blankets.

“This is…”

Ye Wanwan walked up and saw that Big Dipper had hidden a laptop in his blankets.

There was nothing strange about a laptop.

What was strange was the webpage that the laptop was connected to was a webpage related to China.

The Independent State’s xenophobic characteristics were extreme, as exemplified by how Ye Wanwan had to keep hiding everywhere when she first came since she didn’t have a permit.

Outsiders were strictly prohibited from entering the Independent State and natives of the Independent State weren’t allowed to marry outsiders. Marrying an outsider was one of the highest forms of humiliation and would tarnish their bloodline in the eyes of the Independent State’s natives, especially the powerful figures. The offender would be severely punished and might even drag down their entire clan.

Hence, under this kind of restrictive system, it was understandable that people in the Independent State couldn’t connect to web pages on the outside.

If you wanted to browse overseas webpages, you had to use special methods, commonly known as “breaching the wall.”

And “breaching the wall” was absolutely prohibited in the Independent State.

“Hehehe… Sis Feng, aren’t we about to visit China? So I wanted to use the internet to understand some of China’s culture and people! It’d help me assist you in completing your mission better, Sis Feng…”

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