Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1714 - Make them scram

Chapter 1714: Make them scram

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“Deal.” The A-rank mercenary nodded at Ye Wanwan. “With my abilities, I can take on A-rank missions… If you need more people, I can introduce some to you too.”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes sparkled at that. That’s great…

Lack of manpower was her biggest concern right now.

“Hm? I heard a few imps mentioning that you want to issue missions?”

In the midst of Ye Wanwan’s conversation with the A-rank mercenary, an apathetic man wearing a gold uniform stopped next to her stall.

The gold color in this mercenary’s uniform was slightly darker than a normal S-rank mercenary’s.


Ye Wanwan was surprised by the newcomer.

The gold-uniformed mercenary in front of her had two medals on his cuff. One medal indicated S-rank, two medals…


“Um, then… I’ll leave you guys to talk. I’ll go find people now…” The A-rank mercenary’s imposing aura dissipated as soon as he saw the SS-rank mercenary, and he immediately turned to leave.

“That’s right, that’s right.”

Ye Wanwan was ecstatic due to the SS-rank mercenary.

This was her first time seeing an SS-rank mercenary since she enrolled in Scarlet Flames Academy.

Normal SS-rank mercenaries like Meng Tian and Meng Ke probably weren’t even worthy of holding an SS-rank mercenary’s shoes for them. They were two completely different levels.

“I use your name to accept missions, and you take the mercenary points while I take the money. Correct?” the SS-rank mercenary asked her.

Ye Wanwan nodded immediately. “That’s right.”

“Junior Sister, I’m sure you also know that you can exchange honor points for money at Scarlet Flames Academy. Unless your price is higher than Scarlet Flames Academy’s, let’s drop this conversation,” the SS-rank mercenary said.

“I can pay eight percent more!” Ye Wanwan responded quietly.

“Oh… Are you serious, Junior Sister?” The SS-rank mercenary’s eyes brightened.

It wasn’t difficult for mercenaries at their level to perform S-rank missions, unlike A-rank mercenaries. Paying eight percent above the academy’s price was a considerable amount already.

In the past, some sons and daughters of patrician families did something similar, but they only paid two or three percent at most. After all, someone like Eldest Young Master Shen was a completely special case and couldn’t be used as a point of reference.

“Boss, I can get however many mission points you need! Have everyone else scram! What can garbage like the A-rank mercenary I just saw do?” the SS-rank mercenary said.

“…” No wonder he’s an SS-rank mercenary… His d*mn mask was flawless…

“I need about 170 to 180 thousand,” Ye Wanwan truthfully answered after a moment of thought.

The number presented by Ye Wanwan made the mercenary contemplative.

“Boss, why do you need so many honor points…? Relying on me alone to obtain 170-180 thousand points probably isn’t too realistic… Even if I could do it, it would take too long.” The SS-rank mercenary sighed. He couldn’t devour this feast by himself…

He continued, “However, boss… I have a good relationship with a few other students who are quite strong too. Do you need them, boss? If you do, I can tell them to come here. You just need to pay the same price.”

“Yes! Call them here! The more the better!” Ye Wanwan vehemently nodded with elation in her eyes.

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