Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1708 - Alienate my relationship with Goddess

Chapter 1708: Alienate my relationship with Goddess

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Eldest Young Master Shen’s face darkened instantly, and he looked at Zhang Zuonian. “Who killed Meng Tian?”

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper, that person’s name is Ye Wanwan! She’s wildly arrogant and probably has no regard for you!” Zhang Zuonian said with embellishment.

“Boss, I mean, Senior Brother Grim Reaper, according to what Little Smarty is saying, that person Ye Wanwan is truly humiliating you. How about we search him out and give him a beating?” one of the S-rank mercenaries said to Eldest Young Master Shen.

Eldest Young Master Shen deliberated for a moment before coldly asking, “Little Smarty, where’s that Ye Wanwan person? Find him for me.”

The people around them all had differing expressions on their faces. Zhang Zuonian truly had a wily tongue and managed to make Senior Brother Grim Reaper hold a grudge against Ye Wanwan with a few words. No wonder Senior Brother Grim Reaper called him Little Smarty…

However, it wasn’t fun if Eldest Young Master Shen held a grudge against you. You could offend anyone but Eldest Young Master Shen at Scarlet Flames Academy…

Many high-ranking mercenaries turned to look at Ye Wanwan with pity in their eyes. Ye Wanwan was probably done for this time…

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper, she’s Ye Wanwan…”

Zhang Zuonian suddenly pointed at Ye Wanwan.

Eldest Young Master Shen and his S-rank mercenaries all turned to her.

“This junior sister’s appearance has… great personality,” one of the S-rank mercenaries remarked pointedly after examining her briefly.

“She’s the one who killed Meng Tian, Ye Wanwan? It’s a woman? You truly can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Zhang Zuonian’s lips curled up in an icy smirk aimed at Ye Wanwan.

Who cared about how fearsome Ye Wanwan was? So what if she won first place in this year’s martial competition? She was helpless in the face of Senior Brother Grim Reaper’s wrath!


While Zhang Zuonian waited to watch Ye Wanwan’s death with a frosty smile, his Senior Brother Grim Reaper’s face brimmed with excitement.

“Goddess! My little fairy! You’re really at Scarlet Flames Academy…”

A blinding light shot out of Eldest Young Master Shen’s eyes as he stared at Ye Wanwan.



“Little fairy?!”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

What did Senior Brother Grim Reaper call Ye Wanwan…? Goddess…? Little fairy…?

They never heard about Senior Brother Grim Reaper having such a twisted taste…

Ye Wanwan herself was dumbstruck.

Did Moneybags Shen recognize me???

I wore such heavy makeup though, so how did he recognize me? This isn’t logical…

Zhang Zuonian looked at Ye Wanwan before turning to Eldest Young Master Shen in astonishment. What just happened? Why did Senior Brother Grim Reaper call Ye Wanwan “Little Fairy”?

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper… this is…”

Zhang Zuonian’s eyes were filled with confusion as he stared at Eldest Young Master Shen.

“Heh, you’re truly a little smarty…” Shen Tianchen smiled faintly at Zhang Zuonian. This guy is really manipulative! He actually tried to alienate me from my Goddess!

Shen Tianchen waved his hand at his S-rank mercenaries. “What are you standing around for? Hit them! Beat them mercilessly!”

The mercenaries instantly surrounded Ye Wanwan with chilly smiles on their faces.

“Who are you hitting?! I want you to freaking beat up this Little Smarty! He dared to alienate me from my Goddess! Beat him until he’s dead!” Eldest Young Master Shen angrily shouted.

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