Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1707 - Squash him to death with a finger

Chapter 1707: Squash him to death with a finger

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Several top-tier S-rank mercenaries were at Eldest Young Master Shen’s side, guarding him.

Everyone watched as Eldest Young Master Shen haughtily and pompously swaggered into the mission issuance area with his head high and chest out.

Ye Wanwan looked at him, flabbergasted. This procession had quite the flair…

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper!”

Zhang Zuonian suddenly dashed forward and headed for Eldest Young Master Shen.

Before Zhang Zuonian could reach his side though, one of the top-tier S-rank mercenaries suddenly blocked him and imperiously looked down on Zhang Zuonian with an icy look. “Scram.”

Zhang Zuonian was startled and hastily said, “Senior Brother, you’ve misunderstood… I’m friends with Senior Brother Grim Reaper…”

The S-rank mercenary turned to Eldest Young Master Shen behind him. “Boss… I mean, Senior Brother Grim Reaper, do you recognize this C-rank mercenary?”

Eldest Young Master Shen stared at Zhang Zuonian in contemplation for a moment before asking, “What’s your name?”

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper, it’s me! I’m Zhang Zuonian… You praised me before…”

“Praised you?” Eldest Young Master Shen glanced at him. “Then do you remember how I praised you?”

“Eh… Senior Brother Grim Reaper, you called me ‘Little Smarty’…” Zhang Zuonian replied honestly after some thinking.

“Oh… I remember now.” Eldest Young Master Shen nodded. “Speak. What do you need?”

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper, didn’t you want me to monitor Meng Tian for you earlier…?” Zhang Zuonian asked with an obsequious smile.

Some time ago, Meng Tian spoke rudely and offended Eldest Young Master Shen, so the young master had a C-rank mercenary monitor Meng Tian’s every move and would deal with Meng Tian after he came back from his mission.

“Little Smarty, where’s that f*cker, Meng Tian? Your Senior Brother Grim Reaper is gonna f*ck him up today!” Eldest Young Master Shen glanced at the top-tier S-rank mercenaries around him. “Brothers, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

One of the S-rank mercenaries snorted with contempt evident on his face. “Boss… I mean, Senior Brother Grim Reaper, don’t worry. For a mediocre S-rank mercenary like Meng Tian, I can squash him to death with a finger.”

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper, just tell us how you want Meng Tian to die! How could we allow Boss—I mean, Senior Brother Grim Reaper—to personally take action against some nobody like Meng Tian? Wouldn’t that be dirtying your hands?” another older mercenary joked.

Eldest Young Master Shen turned to Zhang Zuonian. “Speak, Little Smarty. Where’s Meng Tian? Take me to him.”

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper, Meng Tian died!” Zhang Zuonian said mysteriously.

“He died?”

Eldest Young Master Shen and the top-tier S-rank mercenaries around him were taken by surprise. How did Meng Tian die out of nowhere like that…?

“What happened? How did he die?” Eldest Young Master Shen asked curiously.

“He was beaten to death during the martial competition… That person clearly knew Meng Tian was your prey, Senior Brother Grim Reaper, but still killed Meng Tian.”

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