Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1709 - Little baby, little fairy

Chapter 1709: Little baby, little fairy

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Eldest Young Master Shen glared at the S-rank mercenaries who surrounded Ye Wanwan and reprimanded, “What the heck are you thinking about?!”

The S-rank mercenaries all looked at each other, baffled. Wasn’t it Eldest Young Master Shen who told them to beat up Ye Wanwan…?

However, since he said otherwise, they could only retreat and make their way toward Little Smarty, Zhang Zuonian, instead.

Zhang Zuonian was stunned and incredulous.

What just happened? Why does Senior Brother Grim Reaper want them to beat me up all of a sudden?

Before Zhang Zuonian could think further or react, fists started raining down on his face and body.

The mercenaries in the mission issuance area were all bewildered. Why was Zhang Zuonian getting beaten out of the blue?!

“Goddess… I’ve missed you so much…” Eldest Young Master Shen said as he walked toward Ye Wanwan.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

This time, they were certain they didn’t mishear…

Eldest Young Master Shen missed Ye Wanwan a lot… Yep, they heard it right…

“Senior Brother Grim Reaper… knows Ye Wanwan? He likes Ye Wanwan?”


“D*mn! Is Zhang Zuonian an idiot? Senior Brother Grim Reaper and Ye Wanwan must be old friends… He didn’t even look into their relationship before sowing dissent! He seriously deserves to be beaten to death…”

Zhang Zuonian was laboriously using his arms to protect his head, wishing nothing more than to bawl. How could he have known that Senior Brother Grim Reaper knew Ye Wanwan? Not only that but he also liked her!

“Little baby, little fairy… Did you miss me…?” Eldest Young Master Shen gently asked while lovingly looking at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan: “…” There’s seriously something wrong with Eldest Young Master Shen’s head.

“Little fairy, you must’ve thought about me a lot! I missed you to death!” Eldest Young Master Shen continued with a smile after a lack of response from her.

Ye Wanwan shook her head toward him with a beam. “No, you didn’t think about me. You must’ve been overthinking.”

Eldest Young Master Shen: “…”

Everyone turned to each other, bewildered. They didn’t mishear, right?!

Eldest Young Master Shen liked Ye Wanwan, but… Ye Wanwan disliked Eldest Young Master Shen?!

Eldest Young Master, their Scarlet Flames Academy’s Grim Reaper, was reputed to be the man that every young and beautiful woman in the Independent State wanted to snag…

“What’s inside this Ye Wanwan’s head…? Why isn’t she seizing such a good opportunity? Eldest Young Master Shen is the money god that every woman in the Independent State wants to be married to…”

“No, strictly speaking, it’s not only women… I’m also willing to be married to him…”

“Heh… You guys have lost your dignity because of money! What a joke you are.” A student snorted. “Even if he wanted to marry me, I wouldn’t get married to him… Of course, if he’s willing, I can marry him instead…”

The other students: “…” And I thought you had a staunch backbone…

“Boss… He’ll die if we keep beating him. Isn’t it enough?”

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