Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1702 - Bought with money?

Chapter 1702: Bought with money?

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What caused Grandpa to disapprove of Patriarch Nie and Madam Nie though…? Ye Wanwan was clueless.

She also vaguely remembered that the middle-aged men who arrived in the end treated Grandpa with considerable respect and called him “President”…

President… What kind of president…?

“Student Ye,” the headmaster called, disrupting Ye Wanwan’s contemplation.

Ye Wanwan gathered her thoughts and turned to the headmaster. “Sir Headmaster, your hypnosis abilities are truly extraordinary!”

If the headmaster was willing to help her, she could completely recover her memories for sure!

“Student Ye, as you mentioned earlier, you did lose a lot of your memories…” The headmaster looked at her meaningfully. “Precisely speaking, you didn’t lose your memories—you seem to have had your memories replaced. Do you know about this matter?”

Ye Wanwan nodded frantically. “Sir Headmaster, I do know about this matter… which is why I wanted you to help me recover my own memories!”

The headmaster sipped from his tea and thought for a moment before looking up at Ye Wanwan. “I’m afraid only I can help you recover your memories in the entire Independent State.”

“Thank you, Sir Headmaster!” Immense excitement surfaced in her eyes.

She was right, the headmaster of Scarlet Flames did possess this ability…

As long as she could recover her memories, then the truth would be uncovered!

“Don’t thank me so fast.” The headmaster looked at Ye Wanwan with a faint smile. “Student Ye, I can tell that you’re a person who values the rules remarkably; I happen to also be the same. If you want to recover your memories, then let’s follow the rules.”

“…” But I don’t value the rules…

The “valuing the rules” that the headmaster was referring to was probably her defense to prove her innocence after killing Meng Tian on the stage…

I seriously dug a hole for myself to jump into.

She was the one who said it, and it wasn’t like she could slap her own face, so Ye Wanwan was forced to agree with him. “Sir Headmaster is right. I do value the rules a lot… May I ask what the rules are for me to recover my memories?”

“According to Scarlet Flames Academy’s rules, requesting me to weld a weapon or giving guidance costs 25,000 honor points each time. Hypnosis requires more effort, so it costs 50,000. Based on Student Ye’s situation, you probably need to be hypnotized three more times, which will cost 150,000 honor points at least. This time also cost 50,000, so you currently owe 25,000 honor points, Student Ye,” the headmaster explained.

“…” Why do I suddenly want to die…

150,000 honor points combined with the 25,000 points she owed this time totaled 175,000 points…

How the heck was she going to get her hands on 175,000 honor points? Didn’t he want her life essentially?

High difficulty A-rank missions like defeating Big Dipper and Seven Star would only give her 5,000 points while super dangerous S-rank missions would probably only give her around 10,000 points.

However, not every mission was this easy. She would only gain a considerable amount of honor points from those super dangerous missions.

175,000 honor points…

Speaking of which, can this thing be bought with money…?

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