Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1703 - Owe it?

Chapter 1703: Owe it?

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Someone like Eldest Young Master Shen started as an S-rank mercenary, so how did he earn enough honor points to promote himself from D-rank to S-rank?

No way would Ye Wanwan believe that Eldest Young Master Shen was promoted from actually doing missions and gaining honor points himself.

If honor points could be bought with money, it would make things much simpler. 175,000 honor points shouldn’t be a big problem.

“Sir Headmaster… How about you help me recover my memory first? Let’s say I also owe you the other 150,000 for now… What do you think…?” Ye Wanwan eagerly stared at the headmaster with an ingratiating smile.

“Owe them?” The headmaster was startled.

This was the first time someone dared to bring up this kind of request to him at Scarlet Flames Academy.

Ye Wanwan already owed 25,000 honor points, which was already a first in the history of Scarlet Flames Academy. Now, this girl actually wanted to owe him the other 150,000 too? What an utter fantasy!

“No. You already owe 25,000 honor points, so you must pay back the honor points first. You aren’t allowed to owe honor points from now on.” The headmaster solemnly looked at Ye Wanwan.

“Fine…” Ye Wanwan looked helpless. So what if she owed them? It wasn’t like she wouldn’t pay him back… If she could recover her memory, earning these honor points shouldn’t be a problem!

Ye Wanwan originally wanted to inform the headmaster who she was but decided to withhold her identity for now after some deliberation.

She hadn’t informed even her master, Elder Gong, of her identity yet to avoid evoking some unnecessary conflict.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan stood up and bade farewell to the headmaster.

Her top priority right now was to earn more honor points at Scarlet Flames Academy. She only needed 175,000 to recover her memory…

After leaving the headmaster’s office, Ye Wanwan headed to the mission issuance area.

As usual, the mission issuance area was crowded with people. There were quite a few new missions posted these past two days that offered decent honor points.

“D*mn… Ye Wanwan’s here!”

Several conversing A-rank mercenaries saw Ye Wanwan walking toward them and were taken by surprise.

After this year’s martial competition, Ye Wanwan skyrocketed to fame, and her name was rather well-known at Scarlet Flames Academy now.

“Ye… Sis Wanwan…”

Several A-rank mercenaries instantly gathered around her, each of them passionate as fire.

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. In her time at Scarlet Flames Academy, even some C-rank mercenaries didn’t act friendly to her, let alone these high-ranking mercenaries.

As expected, any place in the Independent State required you to be strong to have any say, even a mercenary academy.

Without strength, no one would pay attention to you. With enough strength displayed, everything would be different.

“Sis Wanwan, you’re really awesome! Meng Tian and Meng Ke were simply scum! Everyone’s satisfied you killed Meng Tian and seriously injured Meng Ke!” An A-rank mercenary looked at Ye Wanwan, overwrought with excitement.

Elder Lei He’s numerous disciples formed a faction of their own, and many high-ranking mercenaries allied with them at Scarlet Flames Academy.

Normally, no one dared to provoke Meng Tian and his cohort.

Judging from the reactions of these A-rank mercenaries, Ye Wanwan obtained a glance at how often Meng Tian and Meng Ke terrorized other people.

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