Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1701 - More frightening

Chapter 1701: More frightening

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Drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness, Ye Wanwan seemed to return to her childhood.

Next to a brook, an imposing elderly man slowly walked toward a girl with an austere expression and gently knelt down, taking the girl into his arms.

“Grandpa… I miss Dad and Mom. I want to go home…” The girl’s clear eyes fogged with mist.

However, the elderly man shook his head and solemnly looked at the girl. “Your dad and mom passed away already. From now on, you and Grandpa will stick together. Don’t think about your dad and mom anymore, do you understand?”

“No… Grandpa, I miss Dad and Mom…” The mist in the girl’s eyes turned into tears and dripped down.

The elderly man ignored the girl and picked her up, walking away from the brook.

A while later, the elderly man finally said, “Worriless, remember that Grandpa named you Worriless because I hope for you to be forever happy and without worry. Your dad and mom aren’t worthy of being parents. Your mother especially would rather oppose me over your father. Say, Worriless, what right do disloyal, unfilial, and heartless people like them have to be your parents? From now on, don’t mention them and consider them both dead. Grandpa will take good care of you. No one in this world is allowed to make my Little Worriless suffer the slightest grievance.”

“President, we should leave…” Several middle-aged men who appeared spoke to the elderly man. They reverently escorted the girl and the elderly man into a car.

At that moment, a splitting pain ripped through Ye Wanwan’s mind.

The scene skipped—she fell to the ground on her knees, her body covered in blood and disbelief and terror brimming from her eyes.

This was an unimaginable type of despair and helplessness; it was more terrifying than the destruction of the world.


A shocked cry escaped Ye Wanwan’s lips and her tightly shut eyes shot open as she sprang up from the sofa.

Ye Wanwan was soaked from sweat from her hair to her clothes. She looked like she just climbed out of a pool.

She was unable to disperse the immense despair and terror from her mind. She swore that she had never felt anything that intolerable in her life.

“You’re awake.”

Before Ye Wanwan could contemplate it any longer, the headmaster spoke. He was sitting in a nearby office chair and drinking a cup of light-colored tea while looking at her intently.

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply and harshly slapped her head with her right hand. There was no need to let others know about this kind of splitting agony.

Ye Wanwan was previously doubtful whether the headmaster’s technique was enough to help her recover her memories, but it now appeared that her worries were unnecessary.

The amount of information that she obtained this time was clearer than before. She could even faintly see her grandpa’s appearance.

Furthermore, her previous memories were fragmented, but today’s memories were continuous.

Before, she was puzzled why the grandpa in her memory kept telling her that her parents passed away already, but she finally understood after this hypnosis session.

It was evident from Grandpa’s words that he was extremely dissatisfied with Patriarch Nie and Madam Nie due to something that her parents did. Hence, he purposely said her parents were dead…

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