Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1700 - Lost a segment of memory

Chapter 1700: Lost a segment of memory

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“Wanwan, promote yourself to A-rank first then do more missions. You’ll be able to become an S-rank mercenary in two months at most,” Elder Gong said with a smile.

Ye Wanwan shook her head.

She didn’t think much of mercenary honor points before Elder Gong’s explanation. Now though, she discovered that the uses of honor points were too immense.

“Master, I won’t promote my mercenary rank yet…” Ye Wanwan refuted after a moment of deliberation.

“What did you say?” Elder Gong knitted his brows. She won’t promote her mercenary rank?

The treatment of a D-rank mercenary versus an A-rank mercenary in the mercenary world was worlds apart!

“I wonder… Can I use my honor points to request Sir Headmaster to help me with something?” Ye Wanwan turned to the nearby headmaster with hope in her eyes.

It would be a fairy tale for her to recover her memories relying on herself alone! However, if Scarlet Flames’ headmaster was willing to help, then her chances of recovering her memories would be… tremendous!

“Of course you can,” the headmaster responded with a smile. “My weapon-welding abilities are passable too.”

“Wanwan, the headmaster’s weapon-welding abilities in the Independent State are unrivaled! Master would approve if you wanted to use your honor points to request the headmaster to help you weld a handy weapon. Of course, you could also request the headmaster to give you instructions in different areas, including martial techniques,” Elder Gong explained.

“Master, can I speak to the headmaster alone?” Ye Wanwan asked curiously.

“You can.” It was the headmaster who answered.

Soon, Ye Wanwan followed the headmaster to his office.

“Speak, Student Ye,” the headmaster said to her.

“Headmaster, to be frank with you, I know about your hypnosis abilities, so I would like to request the headmaster to hypnotize me.” Ye Wanwan’s eyes looked firm.

“Hypnosis?” The headmaster was startled.

There were indeed many students who requested him to hypnotize them. Most of them were afflicted with wounds from love and wanted to seal their memories related to love.

However, looking at the student in front of him… She probably wasn’t afflicted with love wounds…

“Student Ye, most people who request me to hypnotize them are afflicted with love wounds and want to seal their painful memories. Is this your reasoning too?” the headmaster asked with uncertainty.

“…” I… don’t think so…

“Headmaster, it’s like this… I lost a segment of my memory and would like to request the headmaster to help me recover that lost segment,” Ye Wanwan spoke frankly, not wanting to speak in circles.

“You lost a segment of your memory?”

The headmaster frowned. How could someone lose memories out of nowhere?

“So you want to use your honor points to have me hypnotize you and see if I can recover your lost memories?” The headmaster looked pensive.

“Right… That’s what I meant.” Ye Wanwan nodded several times.

“Student Ye, sit down first.” The headmaster had Ye Wanwan lie down on the sofa.

Then he sat down next to Ye Wanwan as though he was about to have a casual chat with her and took out an antique pocket watch.

Under the headmaster’s instructions, Ye Wanwan stared at the second hand on the watch and continuously answered the headmaster’s questions.

An unknown amount of time passed. It was like the blink of an eye but also like an entire century had passed…

Ye Wanwan’s mind became dazed, and she lost consciousness.

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