Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1699 - The finest treatment

Chapter 1699: The finest treatment

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Lord Asura and Emperor Ji abruptly drawing their swords at each other took everyone by surprise. Why did the affectionate family from a minute ago fill the arena with the smell of gunpowder without any warning?

No one knew why the duo suddenly acted like this.

“Emperor Ji, the competition has ended, so if you are busy, you can leave,” Elder Gong said to Ji Xiuran as he walked up.

Ji Xiuran was silent for a moment before responding, “Alright.”

After bidding the headmaster farewell, Ji Xiuran looked at Lord Asura. “If you please, Lord Asura.”

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Emperor Ji and Lord Asura left side by side without another word between them.

On the stage, Ye Wanwan was speechless. These two were rather strange.

However, what baffled Ye Wanwan was… Did Lord Asura… recognize her?

If Lord Asura wasn’t Si Yehan, how could he recognize her in this disguise?

Ye Wanwan didn’t deliberate the matter too deeply since she was nearly certain that Lord Asura was Si Yehan. Any further contemplation was meaningless.

She then became puzzled. From this competition, she earned 5,000 honor points from creating a new record and 10,000 points from achieving first place…

Combined with the 10,000 points from completing two A-rank missions from earlier, she now possessed 25,000 honor points in total.

It sounded rather nice, but… what was the point of these mercenary honor points?

“Wanwan, come here,” Elder Gong said to her with a smile from the VIP seats.

Ye Wanwan immediately walked toward Elder Gong and greeted him with a cheerful grin, “Master.”

“En, Wanwan, your result from the martial competition exceeded my expectations. You broke a record and even won first place.” Elder Gong looked immensely satisfied.

“Master, I’m mediocre. It was all because those senior brothers and sisters were easy on me and purposely conceded defeat. Otherwise, how could I have gotten first place?” Ye Wanwan responded with a soft chuckle.

The nearby Elder Lei He imperceptibly glanced at them.

Those last few people were easy on Ye Wanwan, but of his disciples, one was killed while the other was injured by Ye Wanwan?

“Haha, great, great, great. I’m comforted by your humility,” Elder Gong said joyously.

Elder Gong continued, “Wanwan, you now possess 25,000 honor points, so you can promote your own mercenary rank. 25,000 points are just enough for a promotion to A-rank.”

Through Elder Gong’s explanation, Ye Wanwan finally understood that to become a high-ranking mercenary at Scarlet Flames Academy and enjoy the finest treatment, a person had to have enough mercenary honor points on top of possessing the appropriate strength.

Promotion to an A-rank mercenary required 25,000 honor points while S-rank required 50,000 points.

Of course, it was a fool’s dream to want to obtain enough mercenary points without adequate strength.

Normally speaking, completing one top-tier A-rank mission merely gave a few thousand honor points.

If you had enough strength, you could marathon missions, and it wouldn’t be difficult to advance to A-rank or S-rank.

Aside from using honor points to promote your own rank, there were a million other uses.

For example, you could have the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy personally weld a weapon for you, hire super high-ranking Scarlet Flames students, etc. At Scarlet Flames Academy, mercenary honor points meant everything!

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