Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1698 - Makes other people really envious

Chapter 1698: Makes other people really envious

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“I didn’t expect Elder Gong’s newly accepted disciple to break Nie Linglong’s record! D*mn, Nie Linglong won 28 rounds, but Ye Wanwan won 37 rounds…”

“You’re comparing Ye Wanwan to Nie Linglong? Are you trying to be funny? The number of SS-rank mercenaries who participated in the competition from Nie Linglong’s year was as many as the amount of fur on a cow’s body! The competitors in these two years were a completely different caliber, alright? Even if we ignore that, Ye Wanwan merely broke one of Nie Linglong’s records, and it’s an insignificant record!”

Things like the quantity of S-rank missions, mercenary honor points, and such had brought about Nie Linglong’s nearly unrivaled and unshakable reputation at Scarlet Flames Academy.

Many higher-ups couldn’t help but nod and praise Ye Wanwan.

Some of them walked toward Elder Gong with a grin on their face as they congratulated him.

“Haha, Elder Gong, you’ve truly accepted a disciple with remarkable potential! She’s only a D-rank but managed to bulldoze through this year’s martial competition…”

“Elder Gong, you truly make other people really envious.”

Elder Gong’s face didn’t reveal anything, but joy surfaced in his eyes as he said, “My awful disciple still has a long journey to travel. She merely got lucky and was able to break the record this time and achieve first place. It’s nothing worthy of bragging or praise.”

Elder Lei He glanced at Elder Gong, his expression so dark that ink could drip from it. This old geezer is actually showing off despite being the one who won in the end.

“Heh, Linglong, how does it feel to watch your record get broken?” a higher-up genially joked while looking at the nearby Nie Linglong.

Nie Linglong met that higher-up’s eyes and expressionlessly responded, “Oh…? I broke this kind of record?”

“Of course! You won 28 matches in a row the first time you competed in the martial competition and broke the record of your sister, Worriless Nie…”

The higher-up nodded frantically. Did Nie Linglong forget her own record breaking?

“I see.” Nie Linglong nodded lightly and detachedly said, “I don’t take this kind of minor record to heart, so I must’ve forgotten it with the passing of time.”

“Haha…” The higher-up laughed. “That’s true. Linglong, the martial competition from your year had a much higher caliber than this year’s… Furthermore, you did break quite a number of major records, so it’s normal for you to forget about a record like this.”

Nie Linglong walked toward Scarlet Flames’ headmaster and said, “Headmaster, I’ll excuse myself now since the competition has concluded.”

The headmaster nodded, giving her the go-ahead.

“My Lord, the competition is over and it’s late. There are still many matters requiring my Lord’s attention, so why don’t we leave soon?” Jiang Yan quietly asked the expressionless man next to him.

“Then I’ll also excuse myself now.”

Seeing the dust settle for this competition and everyone’s successive departures, Lord Asura stood up and said, “I’ll be taking my leave now, Headmaster.”

“Help yourself, Lord Asura.” The headmaster nodded.

Lord Asura merely walked a few steps before suddenly turning around, his bone-chilling gaze landing on the unmoving Ji Xiuran.

“Emperor Ji seems to be abundant in free time. The competition has already ended, so why is Emperor Ji still staying?” Lord Asura aloofly asked the other man.

Ji Xiuran smiled faintly. “May I ask what it has to do with Lord Asura whether I have an abundance of free time and whether or not I’m staying or leaving?”

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